Kanya Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Pranesh A name derived from sanskrit word prana which means life; God for living; Lord of pranas; Lord of life Boy Hindu
Prasad A boon; An offering made by god; Offering to god during pooja; A gift from god; Blessings; Blessing; Devotional offering Boy Hindu
Paavak Pure; Brilliant; Fire; Purifying; One who is pure, brilliant and majestic like fire Boy Judaism
Premraman One who is completly consumed in god's love; Absorbed in the love of god Boy -
Preetinder God of love cupid; Aborbed in god's love; Engrossed in god's love; Immersed in god's love Boy Hindu
Petrina A rock; One who is like a stone or a rock Girl Judaism
Pandit Name provided to a brahman or a scholar; Pundit Boy Judaism
Pola From apolonia, meaning a woman of strenght; Coral Girl -
Prachand Bold; Hard; A bold, hard person Boy -
Poovarasan A handsome person who is the king of flowers; Handsome; King of love; King of flowers Boy -
Pagumanian He will be praised by many; One who will be praised by many Boy Hindu
Puspang Petal of flowers; A part of flower Boy Hindu
Pitambar Lord vishnu; He wears yellow garments Boy Judaism
Pulavan Topaz; One who is like a topaz Boy -
Palki Palanquin; One who has merit and is a hard worker Girl Judaism
Pragyan One who posesses the greater knowledge; Wisdom Boy -
Prabhteerath One for whom god is the holy place; Divinity and sacredness of lord Boy Hindu
Pundra White lotus; The white lotus; One with brilliance, radiance and beauty of a lotus Boy Hindu
Pinja Pine; Finnish - stone pine; Estonian pine Girl Christianity
Prapanch The earth; One who is like the earth, who loves earth Boy -
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