Kanya Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Pola From apolonia, meaning a woman of strenght; Coral Girl -
Prabhsimar One who thinks about god always; One who meditates on god; One who remembers god Boy Hindu
Prestcott From the priests cottage; To come from the priest's cottage Boy -
Parshad A friendly, and sensitive god's servant; Gods servant Boy Judaism
Piyali A tree, someone who is like a tree; A tree Girl Judaism
Pratichi West Girl Hindu
Prabhut Abundant; A powerful and mighty master; Plentiful Boy -
Parduman Name of the son of lord krishna; Cupid kamdev Boy Judaism
Polilan Appealing; Attractive; Good looking; Beautiful; Charming; Lovable man; Handsome; Attractive man Boy Hindu
Prayuta Mingled with; One with; United with; Combined with Girl Hindu
Pagalavan One who has the power of the sun and is diurnal; The sun Boy Judaism
Pelleas A fisher king; Name of a fisher king Boy Judaism
Philana Lover of man; The individual who is the lover of mankind Boy Judaism
Paramvir The greatest warrior; Ultimate defender; Brave; Superior fighter and protector Girl Hindu
Pyralis One made of fire; Of fire Unisex -
Prajapati One of many names of lord brahma; King of men; Lord of creatures; Lord of men; Endowed with Boy Hindu
Pashupati Lord of bull, one of many names of lord shiva; Lord shivas incarnation Boy Hindu
Pakala A knowledgeable and intelligent individual; Good day; Day Boy Judaism
Padmalay Lord brahma; The vast lake of lotuses; Dwelling in a lotus Girl Judaism
Paramgat One who attains self realization and gains self knowledge; Liberation from all bonds Boy Hindu
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