Karkat Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Hiranyadhanu Name of father of eklavya; Father of eklavya Boy -
Harbux Blessed by god; Blessed by god, forgiven by god; Forgiven by god Boy Christianity
Hemwant God's benevolence; Full of gods grace; Full of god's grace; God's blessing Boy -
Harshu Deer; Smile, happiness, delight and joy Boy -
Heyward Watchman of the grounds, game preserve; The brave one; Or the chief guardian Boy Christianity
Hamray A variant of hamara; Belonging to us; Our Girl -
Helana Joyful; Light, brightness Girl Christianity
Hirdey Heart Boy Hindu
Hedly Heather meadow; Field of heather Unisex Christianity
Hanumesa Lord of hanuman Boy -
Himir Cold; A surname in india; Calm Boy -
Hemaadri Wealthy and prosperous; Mountain of gold; Full of goodness Boy -
Homero Writer; Old greek - hostage; A variant of homer Boy -
Harahara An ornament adoring the neck of lord shiva; Siva's necklace; Sivas necklace Boy -
Harikumar Hari's son; Haris son Boy Christianity
Hezekiah God is my strength; God gives strength, strength of the lord Boy Christianity
Harishchandra Charitable, king of surya dynasty; King of surya dynasty; Charitable Boy Christianity
Haridaas Servant of lord krishna; Servant of hari Boy Christianity
Halim Gentle; Kind; Gentle, mild, patient, kind, indulgent Boy Christianity
Harina Deer; Other name for lord vishnu and lord shiva; Lord hari Boy -
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