Karkat Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Hitesin Compassionate; Generous; Kind; Benevolent Boy -
Heer Power, riches, pure; Diamond; Generous & understanding Girl Christianity
Hithesh Lord of goodness; Lord venkateswara; One of many names of lord vishnu signifying his benevolent and kind form Boy -
Hakesh Lord of the sound; Lord of sound Boy Christianity
Hemavarna Magnificient looking; King of gold; Golden complexioned Boy -
Holdyn From the unoccupied valley; From tbe hollow in the valley Boy Christianity
Hasith Delightful; Happy; Laughing; Smile, lord shiva Boy Christianity
Harshada The one who give happiness; Giver of joy; One who brings; Happiness Girl Christianity
Holcomb From the deep valley Boy Christianity
Huzaifa A name of the one who acipmanies the prophet; An old arabic name Boy Christianity,Islam
Haglea From the enclosed meadow; Enclosed field, enclosed meadow Boy Christianity
Hirajit One who is a victor; Victory Boy Christianity
Halebeorht Bright hero; Brilliant hero Boy Christianity
Hyperion He is a suprme being; Myth name (a titan) Boy Christianity
Helewise A variant of old german name helewidis, meaning hale and wide; Meaning hale and wide; A variant of the old german name helewidis Girl -
Harjinder Life given by god; God of heaven; Life which has been granted by god Boy -
Hewlett Little hugh, intelligent; Little hugh Boy Christianity
Herbert Illustrious warrior, army, bright; Illustrious warrior Boy Christianity
Heman Tumult; In great number; Faithful; Made of gold; Their trouble; Much; Golden yellow Boy Christianity
Hakhamanish No meaning as this is a modern name; One with a friendly mind and the name of the fifth ancestor of darius the great Boy Zoroastrianism
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