Kenyan Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Gakeri A small muscle a variant of gakere Girl Christianity
Wanjohi Kikuyu of kenya name meaning "brewer."; Kenyan word for brewer Boy Christianity
Obama The enchanting support to someone Boy Judaism
Zuwena Swahili name meaning "good."; Good Girl Islam
Nuru Swahili unisexual name meaning "light" or "born during the day."; Light Unisex Islam
Kerubo Born on the plain Girl Christianity
Odikinyi One who was born in the early morning Boy Christianity
Ohon The name is preserved Boy Christianity
Wambui Kikuyu of kenya name meaning "singer."; The singer of songs Girl Christianity
Aluna Kenyan term, literally meaning come here Girl Christianity
Gatimu A spear Boy Christianity
Wamweru One who is light skinned Girl Christianity
Tumaini Hope Boy Christianity
Thabiti A true man Boy Christianity
Makalani Clerk Boy Christianity
Adimu Rare; Unique Girl Islam
Ducha Small or humble Girl Christianity
Absko Power and strength; Power Boy Christianity
Durra A variant of durah, meaning pearl Girl Christianity
Wairimu One of the nine founders of agikuyu Girl Christianity
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