Krittika Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Imanuela God is among us Girl Christianity
Amodita The one who is always cheerful and filled with happiness; Happiness Girl -
Allton From the old town Boy -
Anantdev Of immeasurable divinity; One whose devotion has no end; Eternal devotion Boy Hindu
Aansh Allotment by god; Portion, day; Day; Portion; Inherited Boy Hindu
Amoxtli Book; Unisexual name meaning "book." Girl -
Aariketh Lord ganesh, against desire; Ganesh; God of knowledge and wisdom representing lord ganesh; Against desire; Lord ganesh Boy Hindu
Ansuka Ray; An illuminating, brilliant rays of sun who is also tender in nature; Leaf; Bright; Enlighten; Tender Boy -
Estevan Variant of stephen; This is a spanish word which means crown Boy Christianity
Ahanpati Lord shivaand the sun; Lord of the day Boy -
Zeal A very enthusiastic man; With passion; One who has great energy; A passionate man Unisex -
Queena Queen Girl Christianity
Iulia Young or youthful; Young Girl Christianity
Eoin God is good or god's gift; Young Boy Christianity
Arkayanta Sun Boy -
Amarjeet Victorious; One who has won the deva's with his love for god Boy Hindu
Ashaan Pride; Easyness Boy -
Anetta A variant of annette; Hebrew - god was gracious; It is a variation of anna; God has shown favor; Grace Girl Judaism
Aashiq The true lover, a suitor; A lover; A suitor Boy Islam
Preben First in battle; Rock Boy Christianity
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