Krittika Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Thurl A mighty fort; Strong fort Boy Christianity
Alice Of the nobility variant of the old french adeliz which is a form of adelaide; Truth, gracious, reality Girl -
Fazia Victorious; She is successfull and a victor; Successful Girl Islam
Aahish Blessing of god Boy Hindu
Adolphine An honourable and noble wolf; Feminine form of adolph noble wolf Girl -
Amalia Industrious striving; A fertile, hard working female who is defender of mankind Girl -
Abdulwarith Servant of the supreme inheritor; An individual who helps ultimate inheritor or successor Boy Islam
Andromeda "ruler of men."according to greek mythology; A monster of the sea.andromeda was said to be an aethiopian (meaning african) princess.ancient aethiopians considered perseus and andromeda th; The one who excel over others; Who had saved her from medusa; Girl -
Antang Perfect; A complete person; Flawless Boy Hindu
Krishnadas A servant of lord krishna; Servant of lord krishna; A worshiper of lord shri krishna; One who serves lord shri krishna Boy Hindu
Abhranta Unperplexed; One who is not confused or puzzled, clear; Clear; Composed Boy Hindu
Aakil Intelligent; Wise; Smart; Clever Boy Hindu
Ansar Helper; The one who helped muhammad Boy -
Kyrah The name means far sighted, light; Beautiful; Loving; Friendly Girl -
Pranab The om sound. can also mean the feeling of love; God Boy -
Dvivaktra Two faced; One who is a two faced individual Boy Hindu
Farrar An occupational name, a blacksmith; Blacksmith Boy Christianity
Truett No meaning as this is a modern name; An organized and loving individual Boy Christianity
Zita Girl or maiden; Little hope Girl Christianity
Annalina Graceful light; An everlasting light Girl -
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