Kumbha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Suri Lord krishna; A girl who is like a red rose Girl Islam
Girisha Goddess of mountain; One of many names of lord shiva; Storm god; Goddess parvati; God of mountain Unisex -
Gilford From gill's ford; The name gilford means ford with yellow flowers it is a male english name Boy Christianity
Sarengi A sort of fiddle; A musical instrument Girl -
Granth Volume; They have ability to analize problems very quickly and solve all the issuesthey love to spend time with family; Heart of god; Shlok Boy Hindu
Saguna Possessed of good qualities; Virtuous; A virtuous woman Girl -
Safeer Variant of safir: mediator ambassador; A mediating person, an ambassador Boy -
Sanjib A variant of sanjeev, meaning alive or long live; Alive; Long live Boy Hindu
Suzan A flower, lily a heraldic fleur-de-lis; Variant of hebrew susannah Girl Christianity
Sinjin One who believes god is gracious; St. john Boy Christianity
Genkai A buddhist name to signify sea of illusion; Source ocean Boy -
Gurbir Gurus brave; Defender of guru; One who protects and fights for guru; Warrior of guru Girl -
Shabaan A name of islamic month; Eighth month of the muslim lunar calendar; Islamic month Boy Islam
Sangyukta Relating to someone or something; United Girl -
Subhra Bright; A white woman Girl Hindu
Sukumar Very sensitive; Tender; Soft; Handsome; Meritorious Boy Hindu
Goshanraj Another name for lord venkateshwara; Lord vengadasalabathi; Lord vengadasalapathy Boy -
Sasanka The moon in the sky; The moon Girl -
Gedeon Refers to a slayer or killer; Destroyer Boy Judaism
Shriyans Wealth Boy -
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