Kumbha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Galeno The brightened child; Small intelligent one Boy Christianity
Sanvrit One that has happened; Happened Boy -
Sumathi The bearer of peace beauty; A person of good mind; Sharp; The bearer of peace; Knowledgeable Boy Hindu
Saptami The seventh day; The seventh day of a luner forthnight Girl -
Stefana Crown; Crowned Girl Christianity
Salah al din Righteousness of the faith; Name of the muslim leader who liberated jerusalem from the crusaders; Righteousness of religion Boy -
Saja A calm and traquil person; Right Girl -
Shakeela Beautiful one; Beautiful; Variant of shakila: well shaped beautiful Girl -
Suave Smooth; One who is very smooth Unisex Christianity
Sheikh Variant of shaikh: head chieftain teacher; A teacher or a chief Boy Islam
Shikhar Top of the mountain; Mountain peak; Peak; Mountain Boy -
Gajasya Lord ganesa; The one who is in the shape of an elephant; In the image of an elephant Boy Hindu
Sulata A creeper plant, a vine; Creeper Girl Islam
Sirhan Wolf; A man who is like a wolf Boy Islam
Sidney Wide meadown; From st. denys Unisex -
Sorena Tribal leader; A sternperson Girl Christianity
Smedleigh From the flat meadow; He who is from the flat valley Boy Christianity
Steffie Nickname for stephanie; She has the crown Girl Christianity
Sinhag Lord shiva Boy Hindu
Giffard Chubby cheeked; The name giffars means puffy cheeks, brave giver it is a male name of english and german origin Boy Christianity
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