Latin Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Austin One who has a magic dignity; Great person; Variant of augustine Boy -
Saul Asked for; Prayed for; Asked: inquired of god. the hebrew name of the apostle paul.; Desired.; A grave. demanded; Lent; Ditch; Asked; A desired one; Death.; Borrowed Boy -
Pascha Born on easter; To pass over; To pass over; Born on easter; A variant form of pascale; Latin - of easter Girl -
Emilian Excellent; It means excellent or the desire to excel Boy Christianity
Junius Youthful; A variant of the name julius and junior; Young child; Younger; Latin - dedicated to juno Boy -
Arminda One who liberated jerusalem; Little armed one."; Enjoys life; "the protector Girl -
Shayla Fairy; A gift from god Unisex -
Acelina A noble person from heaven Girl Christianity
Maricha A harsh and sour person Girl Judaism
Kandis English - candy; Latin - pure; Modern variant of candace; Modern variant of candace - ancient hereditary title used by ethiopian queens Girl -
Tavas A peacock Boy Judaism,Christianity
Francescantonio Made up of italian word frances and latin antonio, it refers to a frenchman worthy of praise Boy Christianity
Kalare Kalare name means shines; Bright; Clear Girl Christianity
Manda Battle maid; Abbreviation of amanda worthy of being loved.; Lovable.; A river; Pivotal.; One who is worthy of being loved Girl Judaism
Benedikte Benedikte is a variant of the name benedict and means blessed; Blessed Boy Christianity
Balendin Brave; Fierce; It means being brave, fierce and physically powerful Boy -
Valerian Valiant; Potent Boy Christianity
Lucilla Graceful light, illumination; Variant of lucia: graceful light illumination Girl Judaism
Markuss Dedicated to mars (the roman god of war Boy Christianity
Cinxia A name referring to juno; One who is considered as the goddess of marriage Girl Christianity
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