Latin Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Letti A cheerful, charming and delightful girl Girl Judaism
Leontina Feminine of leon shining light; A woman who is brave and strong as a lioness Girl Judaism
Leonardo Lion-bold leonardo da vinci is considered by many to be the most brilliant and creative men who ever lived; Bold lion Boy Judaism
Ordell Beginning; The tiny table knife or bread-knife or bladeknife Unisex Judaism
Juliusz Youthful; They do value their self respect a lot have unique personality and live their life well good sense of humour Unisex Judaism
Emelda Emerald-like; This name literally means an entire battle Girl Christianity
Tiffeni One who feels the evident of god Girl Christianity
Aristophanes A brilliant person; Name of a poet Boy -
Custanti Constant or steadfast Boy Christianity
Jhirmaine People with this name gives a clear sketch about the good business and are clever in naturefine things in life such people demand peace and they enjoy the company of friends and family Boy Christianity
Felita She is blessed with luck; Happy feminine of felix Girl Christianity
Diara A gift; Name of french-speaking west africa; They are quiet and a commander; Meaning "gift." Unisex Christianity
Palika One who is small or tiny; Small Boy Judaism
Franciscus It represents the frank or a man who has his roots in france Boy Christianity
Francia Modern variants of frances meaning from france or free one; Refers to an individual belonging to france, i.e. "land of the franks" Girl Christianity
Maksim The greatest; A man who is greater than others Boy Judaism
Martial Warring; A warring, military person Boy Judaism
Firman Fair, white (in english); A mandate or edict (in arabic); Firm (in latin); Fair; Variant of farman: decree edict; Traveler Unisex -
Marcellina A woman dedicated to mars; Mythologically identified with the greek war god ares; Of mars mars was mythological roman god of fertility for whom the month march was named Girl Judaism
Anthonius Latin - priceless, inestimable; A variant of name is anthony Boy Christianity
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