Magha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Maddox Beneficent; A son of a big-hearted person Boy Judaism
Masilamani Lord hanuman; A name of the lord hanuman Boy Judaism
Manomohon Appealing; Attractive; Good looking; Beautiful; Charming; Handsome Boy Hindu
Manmatha Cupid; A name for cupid, the god of love Boy Judaism
Maninderbir Brave lord of mind; A brave person who is the master of his own mind Boy Judaism
Manishi Knowledgeable person; Desired; A person who is wise, knowledgable; Wise; A learned person Girl Judaism
Miya Temple; Three arrows; A sacred house, a beautiful temple; Sacred house Girl Judaism
Mirek Peace; A peaceful nature, ambassador of peace Boy Judaism
Mardon An english surname from location; From the valley with the pool Boy -
Misty Misty; The person covered into mist Girl Judaism
Mariza One of the sea; Of the sea variant of marie and mary Girl Judaism
Mariella Diminutive of maria; One who shines bright like a star above the sea of sorrow Girl Judaism
Madhu priya A person who loves the sweet honey; Fond of honey Girl Judaism
Mania Mother of souls Girl -
Mabud Worshipped adored; Worshipped and adored one Boy -
Mahbubullah Beloved of allah; One who is loved by allah Boy -
Maarit Finish version of mary; A variation of the name margaret; Old greek - pearl Girl Greek
Mangaljot A blissful light; Light of bliss Boy Judaism
Manute Dinka of s sudan name meaning unknown; An african name Boy -
Manjusaka A person who is like the heavenly flower; Heavenly flower Boy Judaism
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