Magha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Mai Scottish form of margaret pearl; A person who dances with great grace Girl Judaism
Manwantbir A warrior who has a strong heart; Warrior with strong heart Boy Judaism
Masia Bitter; A person with a bitter character Girl Judaism
Meghadri A hill that is made of clouds; Hill of cloud Boy Judaism
Maravan Look; Brave; A person who is brave and fearless Boy Judaism
Maharvin Splendid; Full of glory; Glorious; Wonderful; Magnificient Boy Hindu
Madanpal God of love; A name for cupid who is the god of love Boy Judaism
Miller One who belongs or hails from the mills; One who grinds grain occupational surname Boy Judaism
Miloni Achiever; An achiever, a winner Girl Judaism
Minette Form of williamina; A faithful guard, the one who defends Girl Judaism
Mushin A variant of mohsin, meaning one who confers favors; Charitable Boy Islam
Maleek Arabic name meaning sovereign; Chief; Ruling; Master; Leader; Lord; Reigning Boy -
Mandiraa Sacred; Temple; Sea; The melodious sound produced by cymbals; A dwelling; An indian name for melody; Melodious; Cymbals; Home Girl Judaism
Madhuveman One of many names of lord krishna signifying his sweet and attractive nature; Lord krishna Boy Hindu
Miles Servant; One who is proud of being a soldier Boy Judaism
Mangla Auspicious; One who that comes before morning Girl Judaism
Medea Myth name (wife of jason who murders her children); Old greek - to meditate; Goddess, sorceress; To ponder Girl Greek
Maharshi Great sage; Great saint; A great saint Boy Hindu
Milind A varaint of milinda; Krishna; Honey bee; A bee; Bee; One of many names of lord shri krishna Boy Hindu
Mashel Shinig light on something; Light Girl -
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