Makara Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Jitender Powerful man; The powerful conqueror; Lord of conqueror; One who can conquer indra; It is an indian male name and means the conqueror of indra it is most commonly used in hindu religion Boy Christianity
Jeshan Plain and simple; Clear; Clear as crystal Boy Hindu
Jikai Compassionate sea; The sea of sympathy who loves to take care of everyone; Ocean of compassion Boy Christianity,Buddhism
Johnette Modern feminine of john and jon; God has given , he has regarded and considered, he is merciful and kind hearted Girl Hindu
Jerrett Strong spear; Spear strong variant of garrett Boy Christianity
Justen Righteous; The meaning of justen is lawful, just Boy Buddhism
Jasanmeet Friend of the renowned; Companion of well known and honoured person Boy Hindu
Jhenkar Musical note; Pleasant like a buzzing sound of the bee; Humming sound of the bee Boy Hindu
Jareed Messenger; Man who is descending; Hawk; Herald Boy Christianity
Khayree Beneficent; Khayree means beneficent; Charitable Boy -
Jaisekhara Pinnacle of success; Crest of victory; Summit of triumph Boy Hindu
Juri Slavic form of george; "farmer." karel; Juri means farmer. this name is mostly used in estonian, russian and slavic languages; Karol Boy Christianity
Jasapala Protected by fame; Defended and guarded by honour and popularity Boy Hindu
Jagrup Image of world; Embodiment of the world; Incarnation of the world; Embodiement of the world; Epithet of the world Boy -
Jesica Rich one; One can predict what's going to happen; God sees or wealthy Girl Hindu
Jankinath Janki's husband; One of many names of lord ram referring him as husband of janaki; Jankis husband; Lord ram Boy Hindu
Jedediah Friend of god; Variant of jedidiah beloved of jehovah Boy Christianity
Jahanara Queen of the world; A woman who lives and flowers Girl Christianity
Jalor To exult with triumph; Glory; Rejoice proudly Boy Hindu
Jagacandra Universal moon; A moon that is universal Boy Christianity
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