Makara Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Jotipreet Luminant love; One who likes brightness and radiance; Love of light Boy Hindu
Juliette Soft haired; Such people are enrich with every kind of knowledge and prove to be very good friends they keep on trying to achieve their aim and life goal they treasure their relations Girl Judaism
Joyab Loyal; People with this name are jubilant and are youthful they focus on their physical appearance and easily forgive others Unisex Hindu
Khawaja Mister; A spiritual title; An iranian title for master, lord; Variant of khwaja: mister a spiritual title Boy Zoroastrianism
Jago Supplanter; Hebrew - yahweh may protect; A variant of name jacob; Holder of heel Boy -
Jata Twisted locks; Matted / uncombed hair; Uncombed hair; Matted hair Boy Hindu
Jitatma The meaning of the name jitatma is conqueror of the soul it is an indian male name, used in hindu religion; Conqueror of the soul Boy Christianity
Jayita Victorious; Victories Girl Christianity
Jessamy Jasmine flower; A jasmine flower Girl Judaism
Jonakhi People with this name are honest and easily impress other people with their sense of honesty and outlook they have a greed for knowledge; Fire fly Girl Sikh
Justise Old english - justice; Just Girl -
Johnny Variant of john or abbreviation of jonathan jehovah has been gracious: has shown favor; John means god is gracious and kind, pal means small and humble Boy Hindu
Jaishish Triumphant lord; Best among the victors; Best of the triumphants; Best among the victorious Boy Hindu
Jansev One who serves the people; Jan's son Boy Christianity
Khadim Servant of god; Servant attendant; Khadim means servant Boy -
Jaskaram Glorious destiny; Magnificent and splendid fortune Boy Hindu
Kharag Sword; Weilder of the sword; The name means weilder of the sword Boy Judaism
Jotniranjan Immaculate light; The meaning of the name is immaculate llight Boy Christianity
Janah God is gracious Girl Christianity
Jaladhar Cloud; A cloud Boy Christianity
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