Malay Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Gorav Honor; Pride; One of many names of lord shiva; Glory; Dignity; Respect Boy -
Karpakaraj The name means lord of karuppasamy; Loard of karuppasamy Boy Christianity
Sachith Consciousness; Joyful; A person with good mind and heart Girl Hindu
Abhinanda To celebrate; To bless; To rejoice; To praise; Delight; Delighted Boy Hindu
Dakshina Donation to god; Competent.; A donation to god or priest; Competent person Girl Hindu
Madhumati Ganga river; To be full of sweetness, honey; Full of honey Girl Judaism
Raji A name of the king; Name of a king.; Shining Boy -
Sasidhar Moon; Name of lord shiva Boy -
Trivani The conglomeration of three rivers; Durga Girl Hindu
Mitali The friendly person, a good friend; A friendly and sweet woman; Friendly; A beloved friend; Friendship Girl Judaism
Debanjali One who pays homage to the girls; Homage to god Girl Hindu
Ambili The illuminating moon who sacrifices, shares happiness and achieves success; The moon Boy -
Sukanya Beautiful damsel; Beautiful maiden; Comely Girl Hindu
Rishi Sage; Age; Nteligent; A sage; Ray of light; A priest's name; Name of a priest. Boy -
Sajjan Good man; A gentle-hearted individual Boy -
Pradyumna Cupid pradyun - radiant; A very mighty person; Cupid; God of love Boy -
Goshant Variation to shanti meaning peacefulness; Calmness; Peacefulness Boy -
Nesar The big sources of the earth sun and moon; The sun Boy Judaism
Chander Moon; Beautiful moon Boy Hindu
Rahaam Priest name; Name of a person who worships god Boy Hindu
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