Malay Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Geetham Owner of bhagavath geetha; Krishna; The founder of bagavath geetha, lord krishna Boy Hindu
Hemanthsree Gold and money Boy Christianity
Esita A desired human being; Desired Girl Hindu
Madhukant Moon; One with a sweet honey like voice; A derivative from sanskrit word madhu which means sweet Boy Hindu
Sugauri Goddess parvati; Anothe name of the goddess parvati Girl Hindu
Chainika Specially selectedchosen one; The chosen one; They are balanced Girl Hindu
Druvam North pole star; Eternally; The enduring sound; Heaven; Certainly; A variant of name dhurv; A star Boy -
Yayati Name of a sage Boy Hindu
Satyaki One who is truthful; Charioteer of krishna Boy -
Gangotri Sacred river of india; One of many names of goddess parvathi; Name of glacier from which river ganges originates Girl -
Vinisha Butterfly; Goddess or love or humble; Leader; Humble; Goddess of love Girl Christianity
Kekala Dancer; Kekala means she is chosen Girl -
Nigam The numerous collection of precious properties; Treasure Boy Judaism
Aganit Countless; God; Innumerable; The creator and ruler of the universe Boy Hindu
Matisha Name of a goddess; Mother; Name of goddess Girl Hindu
Yoginampati Lord of yogis; Lord of all the yogis Boy Hindu
Tulsidas A famous saint Boy Hindu
Jugal Jugal name means couple; Couple Boy Christianity
Lohitaksh Red eyed boy; Lord vishnu Boy Judaism
Mariraj One who is the king of the world; A world king Boy Judaism
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