Malayalam Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Chudamani Jewel adorned by the gods; Name of a saint; The best crest jewel; Crest jewel; Crest jewel chunmay supreme consciousness Boy Hindu
Shrena Foremost; First; A name of goddess lakshmi; Best Girl Hindu
Shakini She is the most beautiful one; Goddess parvati; Demon. Girl -
Omkar Religious word om; Divine; Ganesha; Sound of om; The sound of the sacred syllable; Sound Boy Hindu
Yerrappa Red man Boy Hindu
Dhruvin Oldest one; They are firm; Great person Boy Hindu
Dhyeya One who is very sure of his aim; Aim Boy Hindu
Jaivant Victorious; He who wins a lot Boy Christianity
Medhya Clean; Fresh; A mighty woman; Mighty Girl Judaism
Anula Gentle; A gentle individual; Blowing wind; Not wild Girl -
Suchet Attentive; Attentive, alert; Alert Boy Hindu
Prahalad Pleasure; Joy; Ecstasy; Bliss; Harmony; Happiness Boy Hindu
Darshita Sight; One on display Girl Hindu
Idha Insight Girl Hindu
Kumaran Son of sivan; Lord muraga; Another name for god murugan; Youthful; Young and youthful; Son of lord shiva; One of man names of lord muraga Boy Hindu
Honhar Smart; Clever; Brilliant; Excellent; Intelligent Boy -
Raazi One who is well pleased; Thankful of anybody; Pleased; Contended; Satisfied Boy -
Deepanshi Flame of a diya; A part of an earthen lamp; Brightness Boy -
Lohitaksh Red eyed boy; Lord vishnu Boy Judaism
Shivank Mark of lord Boy -
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