Malayalam Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Keshan A variant of keshav; Home sweet home; One of many names of lord shri krishna Boy Hindu
Lishan Medal."; African - one who is awarded a medal; Amharic name meaning "award; Defender of mankind Boy -
Smritiman Unforgettable Boy Hindu
Kritin Clever; Skilled; Wise; Kritin means one with great skills; Intelligent Boy Judaism
Dishanth Sky; Variant spelling of dishant; Direction; Showing a path; Horizon Boy -
Kshrugal Kshrugal is a name of lord shiva; A name of god shiva Boy Judaism
Hariteja Vishnu tejam Boy Christianity
Pushpa A female who is flower-like; Flower Girl -
Mihirkiran Bright, brilliant and radiant sun; Sun ray Boy Hindu
Kaalaka Dark; Perfumed; Another name for goddess durga perfumed; Fog; Flawed gold; Kaalaka means pupil of the eye; Earth Girl Christianity
Amrut Nectar that promises immortality; Food of lord's according to hindu myth; Nectar Boy Hindu
Dwarakadas A servant of dwarka; Servant of dwarka Boy Hindu
Poornima Full moon; Bright, brilliant, radiant and luminant moon Girl Hindu
Ansha A portion; Portion Girl -
Bina Columbina; Originally a diminutive used for names ending in -bina; Like albina; Freshness; Melodious; And robina; A musical instrument; Now frequently used as an independent name; Nam for a classic musical instrument Girl Christianity
Pankaja One of many names of goddess lakshmi; Lotus Girl Hindu
Nakesh Moon; The characteristic parts of a human face Boy Judaism
Varya Form; Treasure or something precious; Stranger; Foreign Girl Hindu
Sevak Servant Boy -
Aditeya Represents the radiance and brightness of sun; Another name for the sun Boy Hindu
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