Marathi Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Babita One who has an inspiration; Little; Stranger Girl -
Somashekhar Lord shiva Boy Hindu
Preetish God of love; The lord of love Boy -
Paramvardaan One who is a blessing from god; Parmeshwar ka vardaan Boy Judaism
Prantik End; The end, the last limit of the things Boy -
Mangal Auspicious; Mars; One who is auspicious Boy Judaism
Yagyasen Name of king drupad Boy Hindu
Ananya One-of-a-kind; Unique.; Without a second; Exclusive; Matchless; Xtraordinay; Unique; Inimatable; One who has no match; Nanosecond Boy Hindu
Elavarasu Prince; Heir to throne; Son of king Boy -
Pashupati Lord of bull, one of many names of lord shiva; Lord shivas incarnation Boy Hindu
Himani Snow; Cold; Gowri; Goddess parvati; Parvati Girl Christianity
Prakriti Nature/ beautiful; Nature; One who is beautiful like a nature Unisex -
Deepika A raagini used; A lamp; Lord of heat; Little light; Sun's light; In indian music Boy Hindu
Tara From the crag of a tower.; A hill where the kings met; Where the kings met also taras halls were the place where ancient bards sang deeds of irish heroes. the ruins of the halls are on the hill of tara meaning crag or tower in gaelic; Star; Goddess o Girl Hindu
Saraswati Owning water, a river goddess; In hinduism; Intellect; A river goddess; Goddess of learning; Owning water; Wisdom Girl -
Maneesh Lord of the mind; One who has controlled and mastered his mind Boy Hindu
Kanad Name of an ancient hindu rishi; An ancient Boy Hindu
Prachi Morning; She who is like the morning; East Girl -
Saya Shadow; A shelter from the sun; Close of day Girl -
Ekanta Devoted girl; One who is in love with solitude Girl Hindu
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