Marathi Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Meghal A name of the river ganges; Fall of cloud; Rain Girl Judaism
Ajeitha A winner Girl -
Shravana Name of a star; A star Boy -
Ekani Unity; Solitary; One; Oneness; Spirituality; Single Girl -
Udbala Strong Girl Hindu
Raja Prince; King. raja is an indian or malay princely title; Hope; King-queen; Raj means rule..; King; One who is filled with hope; Ruler; Monarch Boy Hindu
Batuk Boy; Boy, young man, youngster Boy Hindu
Prasannatman Cheerful; A happy and cheerful baby boy Boy -
Manitha Honored; Honoured Girl Hindu
Auhna A passion for something; Passion Girl -
Chezian Elegant; Kind; Graceful Boy -
Miraya Lord krishnas devotee; Name of lord krishna's devotee; A variant spelling is meera Girl Hindu
Gyaan Wisdom; One having exalted divine knowledge; Knowledge, information, awareness Boy Christianity
Somasindhu Lord vishnu Boy Hindu
Meenal Precious gem; Precious jewel Girl Hindu
Bandana A brightly colored headwrap; Prayerchant sacred illumined; Worship Girl Hindu
Pratigya Promise; Pledge; Pledge, vow; Vow Girl Hindu
Bilas Attractive; Delight; Play; Liveliness; Pleasure; Grace; Faithful; Brilliant; Entertainment; Happiness; Active; Playful; Enjoyment Boy -
Parthasarathi Arjuna; Charioteer of lord krishna; Charioteer of partha Boy Judaism
Manjushri Sweet lustre; One of many names of goddess laxmi; Graceful; Goddess laxmi Girl Hindu
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