Meen Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Charchika Third eye power of lord shiva; The third eye power of lord shiva Boy -
Daibadin Creator of religion Boy -
Doly Vision , gift of god; Like as a beautiful doll Girl Christianity
Chatur Clever; An able and competent person Boy Hindu
Charuhas The one who has a beautiful smile; Person with beautiful smile Boy Hindu
Durr A gaunting and dry individual; Pearls Boy Christianity
Dansith Royal boy; Full of knowledge and wisdom Boy -
Dayani She who is friendly; Kind hearted Girl Hindu
Chosui Water that is pure and fit for drinking purpose; Purifying water Boy Buddhism
Chetanaanand Sharing supreme joy; Supreme joy Boy Hindu
Dawud A beloved person; Prophet's name; Arabic form of david Boy -
Deheshwar The soul; Lord of the body; Inner heart Boy -
Chatriya It is the month of april chaitram; Chaitram; It is the month of april Boy -
Thompson Son of thomas; Derives from thomas twin Boy Christianity
Divjot A beautiful and bright light; Divine light Girl Sikh
Damik One who is from earth; Field; Land; Earth Boy Christianity
Chandana Laxmi Name of goddess laxmi; Sandalwood Girl Hindu
Dahatr Powerful; Strong; Mighty; Courageous Boy -
Dushkriti Sum of all sins; Name of the king who married shankuntala Boy -
Denby From the danish settlement; One who is from danish settlement Boy Christianity
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