Meen Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Donica Its latin meaning means to 'give'; Give Girl Christianity
Thackere Roofer; Occupational name, roofer Boy Christianity
Dwarakanath Lord of dwarka; Lord or the master of dwarka Boy Hindu
Dalajita The one who takes control of affairs; Conquering a group Boy Hindu
Zulfiqar Name of the legendary sword of ali ibn abi talib; Name of the prophet muhammad's sword; Sword name of hazart ali; Cleaver of the spine Boy Islam
Dannell Love of god; Feminine variant of daniel god will judge Girl Christianity
Dai A shining individual; Great Boy Christianity
Deepjot One who has a lot of influence on others; Lamp flame Boy Hindu
Thearl Stem; A tree trunk Boy Christianity
Daiwik Grace; One who has extraordinary power; By the grace of god Boy Hindu
Charanren Dust found in god's feet; Dust of gods feet Boy Sikh
Daliyah A branch; Tree branch Girl -
Darbar Royal court; Courtroom Boy Sikh
Defena A popular and sweet being; From devonshire Girl Christianity
Chidroop Knowledge incarnate; One who is knowledgeable; Knowledge Boy -
Theona Name of god; God's name Girl Christianity
Dontell Contemporary phonetic variant of dante enduring; They are enduring beings who help those in need Boy Christianity
Chasity A first born child; Innocence; Purity Boy Christianity
Zufash When the light spreads over the world; When light spreads over the Girl Islam
Chinmoy Pure delight; Joy; Blissful; State of serenity; Supreme consciousness Boy -
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