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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Ashik Trustable; Lovable; Lover; Lovable and trustable Boy -
Amish Truthful; Genuine; Pure; Respectable; Virtuous; Unadulterated; Honest Boy Hindu
Elida A beautiful winged creature; Winged Girl Christianity
Adair One who is fortunate and powerful; From the oak tree ford Boy -
Abdul rafi This islam name means slave of the exalter; Slave of the exalter Boy Islam
Elilarasu Appealing; Attractive; Good looking; Charming; Handsome; King of beauty Boy -
Anayk Various; The various one Boy -
Amadi Much praised one of many names of the prophet muhammad; Name of prophet muhammad; A happy free man who is destined to die at birth Boy -
Leicester Man from the camp of the legion; From leicester Boy Judaism
Asser Hebrew - happy, blessed; A variant of name asher; Happy; Fortunate; Cute; Blessed Boy Judaism
Ehimaya One who is an all prevading intelligent; An all pervading intellect Girl Hindu
Abrash A spotted person, a dotted person; Speckled; Spotted Boy Islam
Abdul aleem Servant of the all knowing; A kind-hearted personality who getally serves all knwoing ones Boy Islam
Adina Slender; Voluptous Girl -
Oakden It is referring to the hindu deity lord ram as the infatuated person; From the oak tree valley Boy Judaism
Lynnzey Island of linden trees; An island where linden trees grow Girl Judaism
Ariey Clever minded; They have long and green field; The long field Girl -
Agustine Majestic dignity: grandeur; To increase Girl -
Alvera Truly lively; Gothic - true to all; Truly foreign; A variation of the name elvira; Feminine of alvaro meaning speaker of truth; Dearly loved Girl -
Ethel Noble; A german feminized word meaning noble Girl Christianity
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