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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Ibtisama Smile Girl Islam
Aiwyn Both meaning noble friend. various forms of alvin in use after the norman conquest became surnames; Variant of alvin: wise friend. from the old english aetheiwine; And also aefwine; Wise friend; And also first names Boy -
Lesley A fortress made from grey stone; From the gray fortress Unisex -
Aakil Intelligent; Wise; Smart; Clever Boy Hindu
Orane The sun rising up every day, light or sunlit; Rising Girl Judaism
Aadrika Cluster of mountains; Mountain; Feminine version of male name aadrik Girl Hindu
Eiliyah The beautiful one to grow in peace and love with god; A variant spelling is iliya Girl -
Artie Greek - follower of artemis; Abbreviation of arthur - noble: courageous; Celtic - stone, bear; A variant of name arthur Boy Christianity
Alaysia Of the noble sort; Moon goddess; Noble kind Girl -
Laverna Born in the spring; A person who is borned in the spring season Girl Judaism
Abhaipreet A person who loves somebody without any fear; Fearless love Boy Hindu
Avanija Name of the beautiful goddess parvati; Godess parvathi Girl -
Luduvico Variation of ludwig, mighty warrior; Famous fighter Boy Judaism
Arti Pleasing the god; God with lamp in hand; Hymns sang in praise of Girl -
Alankar Ornament; Decorated with jewels; Gold ornament; Embellish; Gold; Act of adorning Boy Hindu
Aira Of the wind; Respectable, highly regarded, decent Boy -
Edorta Wealthy and kind person; Basque form of edward (rich guardian) Boy Christianity
Arham Rhe word is just like om for jain community; The word is just like om for jain community; Other name of arihant parmatma (jain); The one filled with compassion Boy -
Avimukta One who cannot be cut loose; Not loosened Boy -
Lyell A wolf from the island; From the island Boy -
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