Middle east Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Korian Name of a historian Boy Christianity
Shakufa Opening bud; The opening bud Girl Islam
Shirilee My song Girl Judaism
Abd al Hakim Servant of the wise Boy Islam
Umarah Old arabic name; A non-mandatory pilgrimage made by muslims to mecca Boy Islam
Ashaki One who is beautiful; West african female name meaning "beautiful." Girl Islam
Zakiyah Name for hazrat fatimah zahra; A lady of keen perception and sharp mind Girl Islam
Chakir The chosen one Boy Islam
Shamsa Feminine ending of shams; Sun Girl Islam
Syman A form of simon, meaning listen; Warrior Boy Christianity
Zafeer Victorious; One of firm and resolute intention; Successful; Of firm and resolute intention Boy Islam
Zikiya One who is smart and intelligent Girl Islam
Zubayr Brings together; Strong and powerful; Counsels Boy Islam
Yaminah One who is right handed; Right and proper Girl Islam
Chelem Dream; Variant of cheilem: power Boy Islam
Zoltan Ruler or sultan; Life Boy Islam
Sefu Sword; Swahili name meaning "sword." Boy -
Muhtadi One who is rightly guided; Variant of muhtady: rightly guided Boy Islam
Zevi Deer Boy Judaism
Zeinab Somali name meaning "good."; A variant of zainab, meaning beautiful Girl Islam
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