Mithun Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Krishnaveer Brave as krishna; One who is brave and courageous like lord shri krishna Boy Hindu
Cancu Renowned; A snake's nest; Famous Girl -
Case He who brings peace to men; Variant of casey alert: vigorous Boy Christianity
Kaliyah One who worships goddess kali; A devotee of goddess kali; Slayer of thousand headed dragon Boy Hindu
Kaytlin Pure; Torture; Kaytlin means torture Girl Christianity
Klarika Brilliant; The name means bright and famous Girl Judaism
Kaelynn Kaelynn means pure; Variant of kay and kayla keeper of the keys: pure Girl Christianity
Culver Dove; The dove Boy Christianity
Kailah Kailah name means who is like god; The laurel crown Boy Sikh
Candasa A woman of clarity; Moon like Girl Christianity
Cathal A mighty great warrior; Strong in battle Boy Christianity
Citracapa One who owns bows of different varieties and colours; Owner of variegated bow Boy Hindu
Conlan Hero; One who is courageous and is admired by everyone Boy Christianity
Cannan Variant of cannon: church official; He is an official of the church Boy Christianity
Kady Rhyming; Celtic - first; Old greek - pure; Variant of cady meaning a rhythmic flow of sounds; Rhythmic flow of sounds; A variant spelling is kadie Girl Greek
Ketill Small pot; Helmet; Ketill means kettle that is used to catch the blood of sacreficed animals Boy -
Kalpak The name kalpak means a heavenly tree; A heavenly tree Boy Christianity
Kajetan From gaete; Kajetan means from the town gaetano Boy Sikh
Kalani Kalani name means the heavens; Unisexual name meaning (female) the sky; (male) chieftain Unisex -
Kaalanjari The name means goddes parvati; Parvati Girl Christianity
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