Mithun Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Kyson Kyson means son of firebrand; Son of kyle Boy Judaism
Cunanda Perception; Learning; A learner Boy Hindu
Karie Karie name means pure; Abbreviation of katherine pure Girl Christianity
Kaisan Wise; The name kaisan means wise Boy -
Kona Lady; Italian - lady; Sanskrit - angular Boy Christianity
Kiranpreet Love of rays; Kiranpeet means the love of sunrays Boy Judaism
Cynrik The one who is royal born; Royal Boy Christianity
Colten A dark, dusky, swarthy complexion; Coal town Boy Christianity
Calixto A chalice; To be beutiful Boy Christianity
Kamma Desire; Loveable; Sanskrit meaning of the name is love, and the arabic meaning is perfect Girl Hindu
Kakodara Serpent; Kakodara means eaten by acrow; Eaten by acrow Boy Christianity
Cybil Soothsayer; The one who tells fortune Girl Christianity
Cafall Name of arthur's dog; Arthur's dog Boy Christianity
Keerthinath The meaning of the name is he who is very famous; Famous person Boy Hindu
Krandasi Krandasi means the earth and the sky; The sky and the earth Girl Judaism
Candana Dear to the gods; A cadid, sincere person; Soothing; Sandalwood Boy Islam
Kiora Little and dark; Kiora means a little and dark loved one Girl Judaism
Kazu Cashew nut; Kazu means the first one; Dry fruit Boy Christianity
Kolette Kolette means people of victory; People's victory Girl Judaism
Kunjabihari One of many names of lord krishna signifying his liking for the wild green forest; Lord krishna Boy Hindu
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