Mrigashira Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Katrya Pure, a pure and chaste woman; Variant of katherine pure Girl Christianity
Beorhthilde Shining battlemaid; Shining battle-maid Girl Christianity
Beantpal Foster of immeasurable; One who is embodiment of immortality Boy -
Karthikeyan One of many names of lord muruga; Name of older son of lord shiva; Who has been brought up by krittika Boy Hindu
Kalwant A person of good family; The name means a person of good family Boy Christianity
Kanwaldeep Lamp of the heart; Kanwalcheran means lamp of the heart Boy Christianity
Karmegan Resourceful; Cloud of rain; Dark and grey clouds; Rain-bearing cloud Boy Hindu
Bernardas Variant of bernard: brave; Brave Boy Christianity
Kade Kade means gentle person; From the wetlands Boy Christianity
Kahlilia Kahlilia name means sincere friend; From khalil Girl -
Karanmeet The name means a friend of karan, of he he helps; Friend of karan Boy Christianity
Kioshi The name means silent; Quiet Boy Judaism
Kashinath Lord of kashi; Lord shiva; Varanasi; The name means lord of kashi or lord siva Boy Christianity
Kaivally Perfect isolation; The name kaivally means perfect isolation Boy Hindu
Kacy The name kacy means alert, alarm; Modern kacie and variants are phonetic forms of the initials kc or variants of the irish name casey alert: vigorous Girl Christianity
Kaanishik Name of an ancient king; An ancient king Boy Hindu
Borna He who is a yuthful man; Youthful Boy Islam
Bopanna One who is a warrior, a soldier; Warrior Boy Hindu
Bobine She who is like a bright flame; Bright fame Girl Christianity
Kanni A pet name of lord krishna; Lord krishna; One of many childhood names of lord krishna Boy Hindu
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