Mrigashira Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Ka Something special; Ka means pure and torture Girl Christianity
Kaarik Shining and radiant like star; Star Boy Hindu
Vered Rose Girl Judaism
Bose A surname found widely in state of bengal; Master Boy -
Kilakila The sound of joy; The name means sound of joy Boy Judaism
Kamban Poet who composed kamba ramayanam Boy Hindu
Katheryn Form of catherine; Torture; Variant of katherine pure; Old greek - pure Girl Greek
Kailash Abode of lord shiva; A himalayan peak; Abode of shiva; Name of a himalayan peak; The name means one who bestows peace Boy Hindu
Kaviraj Kaviraj means doctor, healer; Doctor Boy Christianity
Kajaraj One of many names of lord ganesh; Lord ganesha Boy Hindu
Bernardas Variant of bernard: brave; Brave Boy Christianity
Kalaiselvan One who is blessed with the richness of artistic talent; Prosperous and renowned in arts; Good man and god way Boy Hindu
Katelin The name katelin means pure, clear; Medieval english form of the irish caitlin. pure Girl Christianity
Katilyn Form of catherine; Torture; Old greek - pure; English abbreviation of katherine pure Girl Greek
Kavinath Lord of poet; The name means "what" Boy Christianity
Kanwalpal Protector of lotus; The name means protector of lotus Boy Christianity
Kalajot Light of art; Kalajot name means light of art Girl Christianity
Kalavan The moon; Kalavan means the moon; Having the fine arts Boy Christianity
Kauthar Ample abundant; Kauthar means fountin found in paradise Boy -
Behr Wave Boy Islam
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