Mula Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Bhumisaya Sleeping on the earth Boy Hindu
Bhavsar The oceans of the world; Ocean Boy -
Alter Omen name meaning old, gifted with a responsible, self comprehending and mentally stimulating mind; Old Boy -
Bhurivasu One who has a lot of wealth Boy Hindu
Yesha Fame, one who desires fame; Fame Girl Jainism
Bhupindar The king of kings; Supreme being; Emperor of the universe Unisex -
Bhavprem Love for the world; One who adores and affectionate to the world Boy -
Bhojraj An ancient king Boy Hindu
Bhavyam Forever; Immortal; Never ending; Eternal; Infinite Boy -
Bhrugu A prajapati; Name of a saint who foretold the future Boy -
Bhrngara Gleaming and glowing; A vessel of fire; Gold; Virtuous; Meritorious Boy -
Bhramdev The creator; The supreme being of the universe Boy -
Bholanath Lord shiva Boy Hindu
Bhavesa Lord of the world Boy -
Bhuvaneshwar Lord of the planet; Lord of the world Boy Hindu
Bhartendu Moon of lord india; Moon of india Boy Jainism
Bhavada Life giving; Derived from the sanskrit word bhava meaning source; Source of life; Cause and reason of existence; Real Boy -
Bharatchandra Moon of bharat; God for our land; God; Moon of india Boy -
Bhaaskar Talented and knowledgeable; Fire; The sun; Gold; Illuminated; Brilliant; Creater; Radiant and bright sun Boy -
Bhadranidhi Appealing; Good looking; Goodness; Beautiful body; Treasure of goodness Boy -
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