Muslim Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Sumrah Brownness; A woman who is like a heaven Girl Islam
Nasira Victorious; Helper. supporter.; A joyful and merry person; Helper Girl -
Abdul qudoos A follower who helps the most blessed people; Servant of the most holy Boy Islam
Nazeera Equal; Compared to others; Matching; Like Girl -
Akroor Kind; Kind, mild, gentle, clement, considerate, helpful, humane, benevolent Boy Hindu
Sumaiya Proper name Girl Islam
Ghazzal Name of a reciter of holy quran; Girl who loves poems Girl -
Saamiya Lofty; An elevated woman; Elevated Girl -
Haabeel Name of the son of hazrat aadam; Variant of habil: the biblical abel is the english language equivalent Boy -
Ruhab The one who brings happiness; An open-minded and generous boy Boy -
Majid One with a noble glory; Glorious Boy -
Mostafa The chosen one; The one chosen among all Boy -
Ruqa Beautiful; Pretty; One who is a bright blue flower Girl -
Abasah Name of al-mahdi's daughter; Daughter of al mahdi (daughter of al-mahdi) Girl Islam
Kabeer Large; Great; Kabeer name means the erderly; Immense Boy -
Rasheed Wise and prudent; Thinker: counselor; Thinker; Counselor; Good sense and good guidance; Having good judgment; Variant of rashid: rightly guided having the true faith pious Boy Islam
Aqeela Wise; A gifted intelligent being who is wise and responsible; Sensible Girl -
Bahiyudin Magnificent faith and trust; Variant of bahiyudeen: the magnificent of the faith Boy -
Janasheen Vicegerent; Successor; The successor Boy -
Raniyah A woman to gaze at; Gazing Girl -
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