Muslim Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Harif Pungent; Hot; Pungent hot Boy -
Tashveer Beautiful portrait; A beautiful portret; Abstract picture Girl Islam
Saagh Variant of sagh: listener in order; One who is a good listener Boy -
Sahira Person who spends the night without sleep, especially when taking care of a sick person or in worship; Mountain Girl -
Khaanam Variant of khanom: lady. noble woman; The name means the wealthy wife Girl -
Marzatie A muslim girl name Girl -
Najair Little star; A small or tiny star Boy -
Fatin Variant of fatinah: captivating alluring enchanting fascinating charming; Captivating; Clever smart; A very smart boy; Intelligent Boy Islam
Khalwat Khalwat means solitude; Solitude Girl -
Haaziq Brilliant; Variant of haziq: skillful intelligent; Intelligent; Skillfull Boy -
Masroor A oleased and happy one; Variant of masrur: pleased happy Boy -
Betool Maiden; Ascetic virgin; Variant of batul: ascetic virgin maiden Girl Islam
Mehbooba Beloved; One who is greatly loved Girl Judaism
Shamsa Feminine ending of shams; Sun Girl Islam
Khatun Lady noble woman; A daughter born to nobility; Khatun name means the woman who is noble; A lady Girl -
Hassib Reckoned; A variant of hasib; Respected; A name for allah; Reckoner; Noble Boy -
Azadeh Persian - dry earth; Freedom; Detached; Noble; Free of material things Girl -
Karaamat Karaamat name means miracle and nobility; Variant of karamat: miracle nobility Boy -
Nahida Beautiful; Planet venus, referred in shahanama Girl -
Darakhshan Bright light; Bright; Pearl-like; Shining Boy -
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