Native American Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Pat A regal and noble individual; Fish Boy Judaism
Huslu One who is a hairy bear; Hairy bear Boy -
Taos Place of red willows Boy -
Pules One who is like a pigeon; Pigeon (algonquin) Girl -
Kohana Swift (sioux); Kohana means swift Boy -
Atahladte Native american for feather on the head Unisex -
Citlali An object of the space and universe; Unisexual name meaning "star."; A star Unisex Christianity
Ciqala Small one; Little one; Little one (dakota); Tiny one Boy Christianity
Cusa The one who provokes Boy Christianity
Yancey Yankee; A yankee; Native american - a sassy woman; Englishman Girl Christianity
Pahana A lost white brother; Filled with wisdom and action; Lost white brother (hopi) Unisex Judaism
Tamaya In the middle; One who is the center of everything Girl -
Lequoia Made from a seaquoia tree; From the sequoia tree Girl -
Chapa Beaver; Sioux name meaning " beaver." chenoa; Metal tin Girl Christianity
Behitha The beginning of an event; Eagle child Unisex Christianity
Akikta Excels in everything; Work with determination Boy -
Chyanne A speaker who is impossible to understand and comprehend; No meaning as this is a modern name Girl Christianity
Elu This name means someone who is full of grace; Full of grace Unisex Christianity
Jamaica From jamaica; Land of wood and water Girl -
Calfuray One who is like a violet flower Girl -
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