Nordic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Leaf Norse word for heir; Dear; Darling Boy -
Hati The name of a mythical wolf, golden (hindi); Golden Boy Judaism
Pave A person who stands permanent Boy Judaism
Lynnae A lime or linden tree Girl -
Ketill Small pot; Helmet; Ketill means kettle that is used to catch the blood of sacreficed animals Boy -
Katla The name means cauldron, helmet; Kettle Girl -
Kirjah Kirjah means church, monestary Boy -
Hag A wrinkled old woman, a kind of the goddess or fairy, wrinkled old Girl Christianity
Leonardus Brave; Lion; Nordic name meaning brave like a lion; Hardy Boy Judaism
Senija Guest; One sho is hospitable; Stranger Girl -
Ragna A goddes or a warrior; Goddess or warrior Girl -
Gitte The name gitte means to help Girl Christianity
Jorunn Jorunn means the one who loves horses; Chiefs love Boy Christianity
Katen Pure; Virginal; The name means pure one Girl Judaism
Oska One who is an out-door lover and likes nature Boy Judaism
Kerra Kerr means spear; Dusky: dark Boy -
Mans One who is great Girl -
Gunnilde Battle or war Girl -
Maj One from the sea; Pearl Girl -
Laila Born at night; Light; Laila means night; A beauty of the night; Nightfall; Born at nightfall; Night; Variant of layla: night born at night sweetheart; Born at night variant of leila Girl -
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