Nordic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Maj One from the sea; Pearl Girl -
Radulph A wolf consel Boy -
Saija Stylish; From hebrew sarah, meaning princess Girl -
Katariina Pure; The name means pure or each of the two Girl Christianity
Sascha Protector of mankind famous bearer: alexander the great; Feminine form of alexander: defender; Defender of man Boy -
Lind Snake; Norse name for lime tree, linden tree Boy -
Kels Kels means island, beautiful island, shipping harbor; Beautiful Girl -
Lova Swedish for promise, vow Girl Judaism
Karsten Karsten means a man of christian faith; Blessed or annointed one alternate spelling: carsten variant of kristian Boy Christianity
Joar Old nordic male name means the one with the horse Boy Christianity
Lotti Little womanly person Girl -
Tappen The top of the hanging rock; Top of the hanging rock Unisex Christianity
Gun Strong; Battle or fight; Warrior Girl -
Ludolf The one who has great love for wolves Boy Judaism
Segrid A beautiful victory Girl -
Gunnildes Battle or war Girl -
Liv Peace; Olive tree; An old norse word that means life Girl -
Edony Nordic goddess of immorality Girl Christianity
Lambin Nordic name that means a son of thorbjorn and feeble Boy -
Juho Juho means be merciful Boy Christianity
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