Norman Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Athanasy Immortal Boy Christianity,Greek
Velasco Crow Boy Christianity
Ozouf God's wolf, warrior Boy Christianity
Mathie Bitter Girl Christianity
Vlastimir Ruler of the peaceful world Boy Christianity
Avira But is now regarded as a feminine name; From an old german name meaning elf counsel was originally used for both sexes; Variant of albreda: introduced into britain during the norman conquest; German name Girl -
Fionnghuala A fair-shouldered individual; White shouldered Boy Christianity
Jeulie A form of julie, meaning youthful Girl Christianity
Margotton Pearl Girl Christianity
Tomislava Torturous glory Girl Christianity
Tollemache Ringing of bells Boy Christianity
D’Aubigné From albinus' place Boy Christianity
Harsent Pleasant; An english poet and tv scriptwriter norman Boy Hindu
Félicitaé Happiness Girl Christianity
Laci Derived from lacey which is a french nobleman's surname brought to british isles after norman conquest; Laci means the glory of the rule Boy Judaism
Temür Self control; Iron Boy Christianity
Ida A nymph.; A king; A woman who is hardworking; Hardworking; In mythology; One who is diligent; Active; Diligent. a greek mythological nymph who cared for the infant zeus on mt. ida.; Name of a king; Name of a mountain.; Norman origin diligent; The nym Girl Christianity
Petruccio A form of peter it means stone Boy Christianity
Vasilii King; Royal Boy Christianity
Chestibor Battle honor Boy Christianity
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