Norse Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Age Aegir; Ancestors aesir; Old norse - representatives of ancestors; Derivative of aage Boy Christianity
Dorte A vision; God's gift Girl Christianity
Oddny The "chosen one" or "preferred one" also the head of a village or society in arabic; New point Girl Judaism
Hjörtr A male deer Boy Christianity
Aeldit Who belongs to he fire Boy -
Arick Old norse - ever ruling, island ruler; Noble leader; Germanic - powerful ruler Boy Christianity
Björg This name means help and protection and is derived from old norse; Salvation Girl Christianity
Kolskeggr One who has a black beard Boy Christianity
Osborn The warrior of god; Divine warrior Boy Judaism
Aulay Someone of the ancestral heritage; Ancestral heritage. st. olaf is the patron saint of norway; Variant of olaf: relic; And there were many kings in scandinavia named olaf Boy -
Fridgeir Peace spear Boy Christianity
Jord Daughter of night; People with this name are young and take care of their physcial appearance they seek friendship and prove to be your best buddy Boy -
Balmung Siegfried's sword Boy Christianity
Eiðr Promise Boy Christianity
Skeggr Thin; One who has a beard Boy Christianity
Bruni Son of earl harek Boy Christianity
Ari A majestic and mighty eagle; From the name ariel; Visibl; And greek shipping tycoon aristotle onassis.; Best of thinkers. famous bearers: ancient greek philosopher aristotle; Also arima; Resembling a lion or an eagle; Eagle.; Lion; Lion of god; Dimin Boy -
Mani Mantra for understanding; Father of ketil.; From the mountain; Gem; A jewel Boy Judaism
Ingemur A famous son; Famous son Boy Christianity
Hjordís A sword goddess; A variant form is hjordos; "sword goddess", from old norse Girl -
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