Norse Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Dorte A vision; God's gift Girl Christianity
Andvari Mythical treasure guardian; Name of a mythical treasure guardian Boy Christianity
Bjolf Blood brother of lodmund; Name of lodmund's blood brother Boy Christianity
Klœngr Claw in icelandic language Boy Christianity
Anrid Wife of ketil fjorleifarson Girl Christianity
Ran Queen.; Little king.; Water lily; An orchid flower; A sea goddess. Girl -
Inghram Ing's raven Boy Christianity
Heidrun A goat who supplies mead to the gods; The goat who supplies mead for the gods Boy -
Arve Inheritor of property, eagle tree; Eagle tree Boy -
Ingunn Of the goddess frøy; Loved by froy Girl Christianity
Evinrude A swift boat; Swift boat Boy Christianity
Liv Peace; Olive tree; An old norse word that means life Girl -
Asvor Wife of asrod Girl Christianity
Fridmar Brilliant; Brilliant or shining peace Boy Christianity
Sigourney Victorious conqueror; The conqueror Girl Christianity
Ingigerd Sister of dagstygg; Name of dagstygg's sister Girl Christianity
Aelfhere The army of mystical powers Boy -
Ralfs A variant of ralph it means wolf counsel Boy Christianity
Hildeburh He is a light in the battle Boy Christianity
Aelfgyth A body with supernatural powers Girl -
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