Norse Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Torgny Damor of weapons; The noise of the thunder god Boy Christianity
Glib Hair of god Boy -
Elvis Elf-wise friend variant of alvin made famous by singer and actor elvis presley; This name means sage or elf or wise friend Boy Christianity
Arngeir The eagle's spear; Eagle spear Boy Christianity
Frigg Of icelandic origin; One who belongs to iceland or one who comes from iceland; One who comes from iceland Girl Christianity
Aelfraed A mystical counsellor or advisor; Elf counselor Boy -
Live A protector and defender of life Girl -
Fjall From the rough hill Boy Christianity
Bardi One who has a beard; Son of gudmund Boy Christianity
Freeda Peaceful; A ruler who is peaceful; Supernatural being strength; Elf; Power; Form of freedom; It means beloved in old norse Girl Christianity
Tord The thunder god Boy Christianity
Hroald Brother of eyvind weapon Boy Christianity
Ragna A goddes or a warrior; Goddess or warrior Girl -
Lisabeta Norse variation of name elizabeth Girl Judaism
Embla From an elm; According to norse mythology embla was the first woman on earth Girl Christianity
Hrapp Name of hrodgeir's father; Father of hrodgeir Boy Christianity
Liv Peace; Olive tree; An old norse word that means life Girl -
Johanne God has favoured , he is merciful benovlent , kind and gracious; Legend name jolgeir Girl Christianity
Aeldiet One who is of fire Boy -
Brandr Sword; Firebrand Boy Christianity
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