Norway Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Arnbjørg A form of annbjørg, meaning eagle protection Girl Christianity
Balmung Siegfried's sword Boy Christianity
Flosi A chieftain; Norwegian term meaning chieftain Boy Christianity
Geirrid Sister of geirrod Girl Christianity
Holger Scandinavian name derived from old norse name, the prefix holmr meaning "island", and the suffix geirr meaning "spear"; Spear-like Boy Christianity
Idun One who is active; Active in love Girl Christianity
Diss One who is spirited; Spirited Girl Christianity
Brokk A mythical dwarf; Name of a mythical dwarf Boy Christianity
Hrut Son of hejolf; Name of hejolf's son Boy Christianity
Hord Name of ashjom's father; Father of ashjom Boy Christianity
Hlif Mother of atli Girl Christianity
Grima Feminine form of grim it means son of njal; Feminine form of grim Girl Christianity
Arneot Frightens eagles; One who frightens eagles Boy Christianity
Aundy New prosperity; New founded prosperity Girl Christianity
Armod Name of geirleif's blood brother; Blood brother of geirleif Boy Christianity
Idona Norse goddess of the apples of eternal youth; Active in love Girl Christianity
Hoenir Brother of odin; Name of odin's brother Boy Christianity
Audhumbla Name of a giant cow that nursed ymir; A giant cow that nursed ymir Girl Christianity
Enar A fighter; Fighter Boy Christianity
Lockie Scottish nickname for people from norway Boy Judaism
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