Norway Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Diss One who is spirited; Spirited Girl Christianity
Fjall From the rough hill Boy Christianity
Aevar Name of ketil's son; Son of ketil Boy Christianity
Dellingr Shining or brilliant; Shining Boy Christianity
Hrodny Mother of hoskuld Girl Christianity
Hlif Mother of atli Girl Christianity
Ingolf Ing's wolf Boy Christianity
Gullveig A witch; Name of a witch Girl Christianity
Abellona The sun goddess; Mannish Girl Christianity
Hela Goddess of the underworld; Name of the goddess of the underworld Girl Christianity
Biorn Norwegian word for bear; Bear Boy Christianity
Hrolf Wolf Boy Christianity
Garthf Protection Girl Christianity
Hoskuld Son of thorstein; Name of thorstein's son Boy Christianity
Amund A bridal gift; Bridal gift Boy Christianity
Grimhilda Mother of gudrun Girl Christianity
Illugi Son of aslak; Name of aslak's son Boy Christianity
Bifrost The bridge from earth to asgard; A bridge Girl Christianity
Bestla Mother of odin Girl Christianity
Estrith A royal person of norway Girl Christianity
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