Old english Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Ailith Old english name meaning "seasoned warrior" variant aldith exists; Seasoned warrior Boy -
Holleigh The holly tree Girl Christianity
Ashbey Variant of ashby: ash tree farm; Ash tree farm Boy -
Darwyn A gifted compannion; Dear friend nineteenth-century naturalist charles darwin was the first major exponent of human evolution Boy Christianity
Chelsay A landing place; Self reliant Girl Christianity
Meed Old english - from the meadow; A variant transcription of mead; One who lives by meadow; Meadow Boy -
Henlea From the wood filled with wild birds; From the high meadow Boy Christianity
Covell Name for a cloakmaker; Lives at the cave slope; Derived from the old english word "cloak", therefore it is a nickname for the habitual user of cloak Boy -
Forde A shallow place used to cross a river or stream surname; A river or stream crossing; Variation of the name 'ford' Boy Christianity
Blendenna Probably from german "blenden" or old english "blendan", both meanind "blinding, dazzling" Girl Christianity
Colden A town where coal is found and obtained; Coal town Boy Christianity
Eadwulf A person who is idealistic and has inspirational qualities; Its derived meaning from old english where ead mean 'fortune'and wulf means'wolf' Boy Christianity
Grahaem A variant spelling of name graham which means "from the great meadow; Farm house" in old english; God Boy -
Gwenhwyfach Name of guinevere's sister; Guinevere's sister Girl Christianity
Briand Castle; The old english form of briand, meaning strong or hill Boy -
Darleen One who has charming personality; From the old english dearling: darling Girl Christianity
Hargrove Old english - from the hare's grove; From the hare grove Boy -
Ertha The earth; An old english word for earth Girl Christianity
Alleigh Old english lä"ah (wood, clearing, meadow), lee has the meaning "dweller by the wood or clearing" Girl -
Hedley Heather clearance; Heathery clearing from a surname and place name Boy Christianity
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