Old english Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Corlee Jolly, cheery and animated in behaviour; Cheery; Benevolent; Generous and happy Girl Christianity
Blendenna Probably from german "blenden" or old english "blendan", both meanind "blinding, dazzling" Girl Christianity
Leland The one who lives near a fallow land or a meadow; From the meadow land pasture ground Boy Judaism
Oswyn A divine war; Has lot of strength; Divine friend Boy Judaism
Hailey "field of hay. usually a surname. variant of hayley; Haleigh; Variant of hayley, the place name in oxfordshire; Hayleigh; Haley." Girl Christianity
Benoyce Name of a kingdom Boy Christianity
Flinn "son of a flann", i.e. male child of a red-haired man; Son of a red-haired man Boy Christianity
Lyonesse Name of gareth's wife; Wife of gareth Girl Christianity
Meed Old english - from the meadow; A variant transcription of mead; One who lives by meadow; Meadow Boy -
Haily From the hay meadow; Alternate trendy spelling of the traditional hailey or hayley; Ingenious; Clever Girl Christianity
Ahlfrith Oswiu's son Boy -
Ertha The earth; An old english word for earth Girl Christianity
Merrick Strong ruler. ruler of sea; The state or quality of being widely honored Boy Judaism
Lyulph Variant of lyulf: a compound of the old english words for 'flame' and 'wolf'; A flaming wolf Boy Judaism
Sledda An old english name, meaning a valley Boy Christianity
Grahaem A variant spelling of name graham which means "from the great meadow; Farm house" in old english; God Boy -
Awarnach A giant Boy Christianity
Amsden From ambrose's valley; Old english - name derived from the oxfordshire place name ambrosden Boy Christianity
Ashlynne Old english - ash wood; Ash tree clearing; Variant of the name ashley; Meadow of ash trees Girl -
Elvina This name means elf or magical friend or noble being; Elfin Girl Christianity
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