Oriya Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Mirat A mirror, where one can see oneself; Mirror; Reflective Boy Judaism
Niju Pansophist; Scholar, obfuscator, doctrinaire, obscurantist Girl Judaism
Amol Priceless; Precious; Valuable; One who is dearmost Boy Hindu
Dalajit Winning over a group; Victory of heart and mind Boy Sikh
Pankita Sludgy; Petal; Soft and tender like a flower petal; Clayish Girl Hindu
Tarika A starlet; Flower shaped earring; Flower shaped ear ring; Star Girl Hindu
Sudhakar The moon; Moon; Mine of nectar Boy Hindu
Randheer One who is brave in battle; & boldness in war; One who shows bravery Boy -
Aadarsh Means one who has principles in sanskrit, ideal man; A variant form of name adarsh; Ideal; Ideal; one who has principles; One who has principles Boy Hindu
Mihir Sun rays; Sun; The sun Boy Judaism
Mitali The friendly person, a good friend; A friendly and sweet woman; Friendly; A beloved friend; Friendship Girl Judaism
Shriniketan Lord vishnu Boy -
Darshit One who has a vision; Display Boy Hindu
Agendra King of mountains; Refers to himalayan mountains; Himalayan mountain Boy Hindu
Kalpit One who imagines; Creative; Notion; Reflection; Imagined; Thought; Exact; Invented; Appropriate; A visionary Boy Hindu
Rudrabhiravi A terrible and frighting consort; Goddess durga Boy -
Prayan Intelligence; Most knowledgeable; Supreme intelligence; Very clever; Smartest; Excellent brilliance Boy Hindu
Gitanjali The meaning of gitanjali is presenting songs in devoted manner; An offering of songs; Melodious tribute; A collection of poems Girl Hindu
Kavash A shield; Kavash means shield; Name of son of illosha Boy Christianity
Gomati Name of a river; River gomati in india; Gomati are self-centered and dominated persons they are blunt and preffered to work and live alone Girl Christianity
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