Pakistan Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Atheel One who is high in status or nobility Boy Islam
Yureed Want, desire Boy Islam
Raim A mother who has strong affection for her child Girl Islam
Arafaa Name of a mountain close to mecca; Name of mountain close to mecca Girl Islam
Ashofta One who is excited, anxious and confused in love Girl Islam
Kachela A surname for samma tribe people found along banks of indus river in pakistan Boy -
Khaan Khaan means ruler, he who is the king; Variant of khan: pathan leader Boy -
Hukayman (she was the daughter of umaymah daughter of ruqayqah ra a companion); Mahmood bin muhammad(reciter of quran) daughters girl -
Badeea She who is smart, creative and innovative Girl Islam
Shahparee Royal fairy and king's fairy or one who is extremely beautiful Girl Islam
Ateebah Something that is soft, gentle and delicate Girl Islam
Hazeem A wise and intelligent man Boy Islam
Awja Pinnacle, top, or the highest point Girl Islam
Awj Height, pinnacle, top Boy Islam
Aysar One who is better off, or living better Boy Islam
Syeda She who is a mistress Girl Islam
Ayamin One who is blessed, the blessed one Boy Islam
Ayyubia A woman who is like prophet ayyub in patience Girl Islam
Awani First month of tamil calendar; The earth; Helper, or supporter Boy Islam
Zaweel Motion or activity Boy Islam
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