Pakistan Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Elaf Safety, or security Boy Islam
Samama Fragrance; A person who is a campanion of the prophet; A companion of prophet muhammad Boy -
Esfandyar Name of a character in shahnameh Boy Islam
Durdanah Gold, ruby or pearl; Pearl Girl Islam
Chamali The one who serves water Boy Islam
Buraid A noble man Boy Islam
Awaidia A consoler Girl Islam
Awaisha One who is having a good life Girl Islam
Yashem A green leaf Boy Islam
Awdiya Valleys Girl Islam
Tawkeel To trust in god Boy Islam
Hukaymah Another woman by this name; (she was the daughter of umaymah daughter of ruqayqah ra a companion; Daughter of mahmood bin muhammad was a reciter of the quran); Umaymah's and ruqayqah's grand daughter girl -
Chashida An experienced man Boy Islam
Chawish Leader of the tribe Boy Islam
Zahur Radiant and brilliant; Swahili name meaning "flower." Boy Islam
Taisir Making easy; Felicitation; Facilitating Boy Islam
Hazeem A wise and intelligent man Boy Islam
Zahri Flower-like, or fresh and good looking like a flower Boy Islam
Shehrnaz A beautiful and cute woman Girl Islam
Etizaaz To become mighty, to become honored Boy Islam
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