Pashto Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Zareesh Wealth; A woman with great wealth Girl Islam
Zarlashta A beautiful, golden branch Girl Islam
Perzo Deserving; Well wishing; A person who wishes well for everyone, deserving Boy Islam
Samsor Flourishing; Fresh, ripe, blooming and flourishing Boy Islam
Amu Amu is the name of a river that encompasses central asia Boy Islam
Asfand Asfand is the pasto version of esfandiyār. it means a king or a brave hero Boy Islam
Toryal A promising sword fighter; Sword fighter Boy Islam
Zar Bibi Zar means gold and bibi means woman Girl Islam
Andam Something that lasts forever or till eternity Boy Islam
Khush Bakhta A girl with a happy luck Girl Islam
Bazgar Peasant; An occupational name, meaning peasant Boy Islam
Badam It is pashto for almond Boy Islam
Gabina Honey or as sweet as honey. a girl with sweet disposition; Honey Girl Islam
Minatbar A boy who is grateful and appreciative Boy Islam
Wakdar Man of authority; A man of high authority Boy Islam
Khaista Beautiful; Pashto version of shaista, meaning beautiful Girl Islam
Zufash When the light spreads over the world; When light spreads over the Girl Islam
Wadaana A girl destined to be wealthy and prosperous; Prosperous Girl Islam
Angeza The one who puts reason and logic in everything Girl Islam
Batoor Brave; One who is brave, courageous, valiant and fearless Boy Islam
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