Persian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Simin Of silver white; Silver; One who is made of silver Boy Islam
Shadhan A joyfull, happy person Boy -
Mahtalat Moon-faced; A person with the beauty of the moon Girl -
Samira A companion in evening conversation; Entertaining Girl -
Rukhsar Complexion; Cheek; A woman with pretty face and cheeks; Face; Aspect Girl -
Baaz Falcon; To play an instrument; Music; Eagle Boy Islam
Mahtab She is beautiful like the moon; Moon Girl -
Shaheryar He is the king Boy -
Nilufar The lily flower that grows in the lakes or ponds; Blue lotus Girl -
Seriyah A princess or a daughter of a king Girl -
Chawish Leader of the tribe Boy Islam
Mahnaz A woman glorious like a moon; The moons glory Girl -
Nadereh Not widely known to others Girl -
Safan He who is brave, bold, and courageous, ; Intelligent; Knowledgeable Boy Islam
Shabnam Dew; She is like the first morning dew Girl Islam
Dareios Persian king; Dareios is the original form of darius it means to possess something good Boy -
Didar One who is gifted with the perfect vision or sight; Sign or view Boy -
Khusru King; Husrava; Of good fame; Ruler; A variant of khusro Boy Zoroastrianism
Tahmaseb Name of character in shahnameh Boy Islam
Mehriban A kind-hearted, merciful, gentle person one who is benign; Kind; Gentle Girl Judaism
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