Persian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Nihada Character, temper Girl Islam
Ksaman Ksaman means beautiful like a jasmine Girl -
Rostam A hero fighter from a persian legend; Unknown Boy -
Nabibukhsh A portion of the prophecy Boy -
Shehzadi Princess; Persian name meaning princess Girl -
Chishti A saint from ajmer Boy -
Avlynn Song; Latin - bird; Variant of medieval given names avis and aveline; A variant of name ava; Desired; Germanic - strength; Persian - voice; Sound Girl -
Judee The one who is optimistic who grasp the standards of sympathy and pardoning they are likewise inventive and creative that gives them an aesthetic ability Boy -
Dilnaz Kudish variant of delnaz it means beloved or sweetheart Girl Islam
Shadleen Happy and soft hearted women Girl Islam
Aryana Oble; Holy; Noble.; Utterly pure; Noble and pure individual Girl -
Shakira Thankful; Feminine form of shakir; Thankful grateful; One who is grateful; Grateful Girl -
Faridoon Thrice strong; One who is the third Boy Islam
Jahanshah King; An emperor of the world; Emperor of the world Boy Christianity
Sabghta Color given by allah, true faith, Boy Islam
Naasah Variant of nasah: counselor advisor; The one who gives advices about difficulties Boy -
Reziko Diminutive of revaz, meaning wealthy and successful Boy Islam
Nizamulmulk The governor of a country Boy -
Abdelhadi The servant of the supreme leader Boy Islam
Meg Pearl; She is the child of light Girl -
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