Polish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Emeryk This name has the meaning work power Boy Christianity
Poila The first day of month; One who has strenght Girl -
Zuzanna A lily; Latvian form of suzanna, meaning lily Girl Christianity
Felicjan A man of good fortune Boy Christianity
Longin From latin name longinus, means long Boy Judaism
Jazon One who gives medication in order to get well soon Boy Christianity
Antonín Beyond praise; Latin - priceless, inestimable; A variant of name is anthony Boy Christianity
Teodora God given feminine of theodore; God's gift Girl Christianity
Feliks A lucky and successful man; Polish form of felix 'lucky' Boy Christianity
Tomislaw Suppress or torture, a croatian king; Glory of the twin Boy Christianity
Balint The name means strong and healthy; Strong and healthy Boy -
Kazimierz The meaning of the name is to destroy the peace and the world; Declares peace Boy Christianity
Lanceor One who holds a spear in battle Boy Judaism
Beniamino Son of the right hand; Similar to benedict; Right-hand son Boy Christianity
Leszek From the name of the slavc tribe, a name of the founder of polish people Boy Judaism
Natasza Polish accent of natasha, birthday Girl Judaism
Arek Hebrew - enlighted; High mountain. biblically; Aaron was moses older brother; Mountain of strength; Variant of aaron: lofty; Exalted; A variant of name aaron Boy Judaism
Augustyna Polish form of augustina Girl -
Bryda Power; A holderof great power and strenght; Strength Girl Christianity
Tanek Immortal; He who is immortal Boy Christianity
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