Polish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Zuzanna A lily; Latvian form of suzanna, meaning lily Girl Christianity
Marus A variant of marian; Hebrew - sea of bitterness; Wished for child; Rebellious; To swell Boy Judaism
Henio Little ruler of the estate Boy Christianity
Edmunda Name of a king; One who has prosperity; Wealthy defender Boy Christianity
Kasimir Enforces peace the name of the patron saint of poland; Also a favored name of polish royalty; Kasimir means enforser of the peace Boy Islam
Bendek Blessed Boy Christianity
Tomasz A twin, one of the two born child; A twin Boy Christianity
Casimir Peacemaker; One who brought peace Boy Christianity
Marzena A polish diminutive of maria, a bitter one Girl Judaism
Gertrud From the protected farm; Who holds a spear for hunting Boy Christianity
Bonifacy Doer of good deeds; A man whose faith is good Boy Christianity
Poila The first day of month; One who has strenght Girl -
Krysta Kysta means she is a christian; Forms of krista Girl Judaism
Elzbieta God of plenty; Variant of english/hebrew name elizabeth my god is bountiful; This means my god is bountiful or god of plenty Girl Christianity
Klemens Merciful; Klemens means merciful Boy Judaism
Marcin A servant of mars, god of war; Form of martin Boy Judaism
Ryzard Polish form of richard 'strong ruler'; A ruler who is strong Boy -
Basia The foreigner or stranger; Foreign woman Girl Christianity
Berna Strong bear; Bear; Brave like a bear; Courageous Girl Christianity
Eugeniusz A polish word meaning high born or nobility Boy Christianity
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