Punarvasu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Hannalee Gracious, favor; Grace, favored; Favor: grace biblical mother of the prophet samuel Girl Christianity
Hayagriv A horse-headed avatar of the lord vishnu in hinduism; One of lord krishnas incarnations. specific to education Boy Christianity
Hava Modern hebrew form of eve; Life Boy Christianity
Keren Kerem means vineyard; Horn unisex Judaism
Hazirah Clean; Wise; Intelligent, clean Girl Hindu
Korbyn "raven; Or raven haired; Or dark haired. alternate spelling: korbin; Korbyn name means raven; Corbyn." Boy Judaism
Hallewell Holly well; Holy well Boy Christianity
Harinarayan Another way to call shiva; Lord vishnu Boy Christianity
Hadheer Attending; Present; A variant of hadhir; Variant of hadhir: present attending Boy -
Harrington Family farm; Surname Boy Christianity
Kellie Warrior or defender; The name means from the wood Girl -
Habil Biblical abel; One of the sons of prophet adam; The biblical abel is the english language equivalent Boy Christianity
Hardy Daring; Brave, heroic, daring Boy Christianity
Habub No meaning as this is a modern name; The one having good animals or cows also the family name of jamasp Boy Zoroastrianism
Hirav Greenery; The lush greenery on the surface of the earth; Means greenery. the lush greenery on the surface of the earth Boy Hindu
Himdhar One from the snowy land; Snow land; Himadhar - himalayas Girl Hindu
Harmanjodh Defender of god's heart; Protector of god's heart; Warrior of god's heart; Warrior of gods heart Boy -
Halimah Gentle, soft-spoken, mild manner; Variant of halima: gentle patient mild humane Girl Christianity
Hamutal Hebrew name possibly meaning "of the morning dew'; The shadow of his heat Girl -
Kenly From the king's meadow; Kenly means comes from the king's meadow Boy Christianity
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