Punarvasu Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Haaroon Variant of harun: the biblical aaron is the english language equivalent a prophets name; Hope, optimism, positive expectation; A prophets name Boy Christianity
Kolb From kolb Boy Christianity
Harshan Lustrous splendor of god; Has to do with happiness Boy Sikh
Havilah That suffers pain; That brings forth; Stretch of sand; The sand region; One who suffers pain Girl -
Halif Ally confederate; Ally; One who takes an oath; Confederate Boy Christianity
Konane Bright moon; Konane means light Boy -
Kenway Kenway means the warrior who is bold and brave; Bold warrior Boy Christianity
Hagaleah From the enclosed meadow, from the protective field; From the hedged meadow Boy Christianity
Hakikat Facts; Reality; Certainity; Truth Boy -
Koby Dark: dark-haired; Hebrew - yahweh may protect; A diminutive form of name jacob; Supplanter; Holder of heel Boy Judaism
Hildimar Glorious; One who is glorious, glorious Girl Christianity
Haran Lord shiva; Mountain, hill Boy Christianity
Hajari Uesd in africa, the one who takes flight; Flight Boy Christianity
Hadara Spectacular ornament adorned with beauty; A stunning or spectacular ornament, Boy Christianity
Koshon Unclear; The name means unclear Boy Judaism
Hansaraj The swan king, swan of king; King of a swan; King of swans Boy Christianity
Haria Green; Green, a village name of canary iceland and indonesia Boy Christianity
Hananiah God is gracious; Gift of the lord; Grace; Mercy Girl Sikh
Harikripa Given by lord vishnu; Gift of lord vishnu; Blessing of lord vishnu Boy -
Hari narayana Nar means person. narayan then is the primal person + hari is god in action both through creating and destroying; Lord vishnu; Lord vishnu (hindu god) Boy Christianity
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