Punjabi Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Samarjit The victor of the war; Victorious in war; Vishnu; Lord; Lord vishnu Boy -
Lavanya Beautiful girl; Good looking; Beauty; Beauty lustre; Grace Girl Hindu
Nirmalbir Holy and brave; The farm house which is situated in the northern part Boy Judaism
Tanweer Variant of tanwir: enlightening illuminating; He who illuminates Boy Islam
Harmanjot Light of gods heart; Brightness and radiance of god's heart; Light of god's heart Boy -
Madhupreet Sweet; A person who loves sweet thing in lofe; Love for honey Boy Judaism
Gatnivaas Who lives in an independent kingdom or country; Dwelling in a liberated realm Boy Hindu
Naritpal The protector of mankind; Protector of king Boy Judaism
Samsher Na; One who is like a sword Boy -
Jaginder Lord of the world; Supreme being of the universe; Ruler of the universe; God of heaven and earth; Lord shiva Boy -
Janinder Supreme being; Lord; God Boy Hindu
Mahender Earth; He who is lord of the sky Boy Judaism
Kiranroop The name means the embodiment of the sunbeams; Embodiment of rays Boy Judaism
Sukhpreet One who values inner peace and joy; A person who highly values inner peace and joy Boy Sikh
Harjeevan One who lives god oriented life; One who follows god-oriented life Girl Christianity
Gaganjyot Light of the sky; Glorious flame of the sky; Lamp of the sky Boy -
Ratandeep Precious like gods lamp; Valuable like the flame of god; Precious like god's lamp Girl Hindu
Arunjot Morning flame Boy -
Gurhimmat Gurhimmat collaborated with two words guru and himmat guru means master or lord and himmat means courage so gurhimat means courage of guru; Courage from gurus guidance Boy Christianity
Gunjas Humming; Praise of excellence Unisex Christianity
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