Punjabi Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Lajwant Modest; Honourable; The name means sensitive, nature Girl Judaism
Kamalprem Love of lotus; Kamalprem means love of lotus Boy Christianity
Sachpreet The true love; The feeling of true love, or the love of god; The love of god Boy -
Manjit A conqueror of the mind; Conqueror of knowledge; Having great knowledge; A person who controls the mind Unisex Judaism
Navjinder From the mountain via the river; Everfresh lord Boy Judaism
Jasandeep Lights of happiness Boy Hindu
Rajpal One who fights and protects his kingdom people; Protector king; Defending and guarding ruler; The protector king Boy Hindu
Fateh Victory; A man of big success Boy Hindu
Ajaipal Protected by the god; One whose caretaker is the lord; A brahmin Boy Hindu
Ramandeep Absorbed in the light of lord's love; Absorbed in the light of lords love; Engrossed in the brilliance and radiance of lord ram Boy Hindu
Amarbir An extremely brave personality who appreciated materialistic values and is diplomatic; Eternally brave Unisex -
Namjas Who praises the name through singing; One who sings praises of naam Unisex Judaism
Agamjot God's light; Gods light; Source of illumination; Beacon Boy Hindu
Tej Lustrous; Light; Bright and radiant Boy Hindu
Jyotdeep Lamps light; Jyotdeep means lamp's light Boy Christianity
Prabjot Lords light; Light of god; Parmatama the jot; Brightness of lord; Brilliance, radiance and glory of god Boy Hindu
Naritpal The protector of mankind; Protector of king Boy Judaism
Preetmohinder Lovely and attractive lord; A lord that is attractive and lovely Boy -
Gurjog Union with guru; Gurjit collaborated with two words guru and jog guru means master or lord and jog means union so gurjog means union with guru Boy Hindu
Mohanjeet Victory of charm; Helping person, who always provides aids to other needy people Boy Judaism
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