Purva Ashada Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Dhanaji Richness; Prosperity; Wealth; Good fortune; Rich Boy -
Dhanajita Prosperity; Richness; Wealth; Good fortune Boy -
Phaneendra King of serpents; Lord of serpents; King of gods Boy Hindu
Dhanesh Lord of wealth; Lord of the wealth and prosperity, another name of lord kubera; Kuber vishnu Boy Hindu,Jainism
Dhanwi Defender; Protector; Warrior Boy -
Dhaniram The one who is deeply religious; Spiritual; Pious; One who is deeply religious Boy -
Dharaja Priceless; Valuable; Important; Lord shiva Boy -
Phalgun Snowy season; One who was born under the star falguni; Name of a hindu month; One of many names of arjuna; . a month in hindu calander; Red, reddish Boy Hindu
Dhanumani Prosperous; Rich; Bow man; Wealthy; Good fortuned Boy -
Dharni Keeping; King of land; Earth; Lord of world; Protecting; The earth; Land Girl -
Dharmanabha The centre of dharma; One who is happy in following his religion; Another name for visnu; One who is companion of righteousness and principles Boy -
Dharmanitya Righteousness; Constant in dharma Boy -
Phaindra A powerful and divine snake; King of gods Boy Judaism
Dhanwant Well destined; Blessed; Lucky; Fortunate; Privileged Boy -
Dhanna Lord of wealth; Wealthy; Giver of prosperity and good fortune; Lord kubera Boy -
Dhakirah The one who remembers god frequently; One who remembers god frequently Girl Islam
Dharmin Derived from dharm; A jain variation of the name dharam it means righteous or virtuous Boy Hindu,Jainism
Dharmanath Name of the 15 th teerthankar; Dharmanath was the name of the 15th tirthankara it means lord of dharma and righteousness Boy Hindu,Jainism
Phaon Name provided to the ferryman; Myth name (a ferryman) Boy Judaism
Dhanapal Wealthy; Prosperous person; Richman; Rich man Boy -
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