Purva Ashada Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Dhanamani One who is very wealthy and rich; Prosperous person; Who loves somebody the most Boy -
Dhairyesh Patience; Radiant and luminant; Calm and composed Boy -
Dharbaka Superficial; Exterior; Shallow Boy -
Dhamu One of the many names of lord krishna; Lord krishna Boy -
Dhanirama Spiritual; One who is deeply religious; Pious Boy -
Dharmanabha The centre of dharma; One who is happy in following his religion; Another name for visnu; One who is companion of righteousness and principles Boy -
Dhanya Great; Thankful/lucky; Thankful or lucky Girl Hindu
Dharmishtha Wants religion; Lord of dharma; One who abides by spiritual and divine rules Boy -
Dhairyash Patience; Radiant and luminant; Patience & success; Calm and composed Boy -
Pharvesh Name given to the god of celebration; Lord of celebration Boy Judaism
Phalguni Born in the hindu month of falgun; One whose birth star is falguni; Name of a month in spring season; Full moon day in the month of phalgun Girl Hindu
Dharmesa Compassionate; Lord of righteousness; Lord of dharma; Generous and kind person in his deeds Boy -
Dhana Richness; Prosperity; Wealth; Good fortune; Money; Wealthy Boy -
Dhan Wealth; Money Boy Hindu
Dharmakirti Fame of religion; One who is famous for his religious deeds Boy -
Dharmada Bestower of dharma; Provider of righteousness Boy -
Phaniraj King of serpents; A quick minded king of serpants Boy Judaism
Dharmachandra One whose luminance is for righteousness; Moon of dharma; Dharma's moon; Devoted Boy -
Phaneesh One who is named after the king of servants; King of serpents Boy Judaism
Dharmadas One who serves his religion; Servant of spirituality Boy -
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