Purva Phalguni Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Taku N/a; Young, living just for a little time yet Boy Buddhism,Shinto
Tabakee Musketeer Girl Islam
Tiwesdaeg A black haired prince or princess; Born on tuesday Unisex Christianity
Tarak Star; Protector; Pupil of eye Boy Hindu
Titiksha Forgiveness Girl Hindu
Tameka Twin Unisex Christianity
Morey Derived from morris; A noble person who is a reason for pride Boy Judaism
Taletha A maiden, young girl; Damsel Girl Islam
Tarus The light; Light Boy Hindu
Timoteo The person who respects god; Variant of timothy one who honors god Boy Christianity
Monikarnikar Jewellery and gold; Jeweller; Ornament of gold Girl Hindu
Taro Big boy; First son; He who is a big boy Boy Shinto
Taseer Impression; An effect; An outcome of the action Boy Islam
Taylon Tailor surname; Surname meaning tailor Boy Christianity
Moraunt A friendly and approachable being; Meaning unknown Boy Judaism
Tarali A group of shining stars in the sky; Tara means star n tarali means a group of stars shining in the sky Girl Hindu
Tanzila One who comes from the heavens; The first quraan Girl Islam
Takia Righteous, morally right or justifiable; Worshipper Girl Islam
Tarapati The moon Boy Hindu
Mohith His empire, his monarch, his guidance counselor; Ensnarled by beauty; Attracted Boy Judaism
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