Purva Phalguni Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Tarrence A roman clan name; Roman clan name Boy Christianity
Tivadar Gracious gift; The god's gift, gift from god Boy Christianity
Tamana Desire; Wish; One who is desired Girl Hindu
Tarla A radiant woman; Nectar Girl Hindu
Tarachandra Star & moon; Star and moon Boy Hindu
Talula An abudant woman; Leaping water Girl Christianity
Tabaarak Variant of tabarak: hallowed magnified; Greatly revered or respected; One is blessed Boy Islam
Moniqua Wise; A unique advise or an advisor Girl Judaism
Monet A protector's descendant; Solitary Girl Judaism
Tioboid Bold; The brave people, or brave race Boy -
Tashveer Beautiful portrait; A beautiful portret; Abstract picture Girl Islam
Tahmina Rustams wife in famous poem; Strong woman; Rustam's wife in a famous poem Girl Islam
Til The people, or the rule of people; People's rule Boy Christianity
Moswen The light skin toned person; White Unisex Judaism
Tavita Eighth; She who is eight in line Girl Christianity
Taren Welsh name meaning thunder; Innocent Boy Christianity
Taarini Saviour; She who frees; She who delivers from sin; Taarini is one of the name of goddess durga it means she who frees; Another name for goddess durga; Goddess parvati Girl Hindu
Taka Tall; Honorable; Tall, honorable peregrine Girl Buddhism,Shinto
Tansy Name of a flower (hopi); One who has immortality Girl Christianity
Montserrat Jagged mountain. a mountain in spain:; A mountain that was cut evenly to make a place to live Girl Judaism
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