Pushya Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Daire Wealthy; Fertile land Girl Christianity
Horsa Horse; He who arrived to the land on the horse Boy Christianity
Davidsone One who has deep inner desires; David's son Boy Christianity
Dabnshu No meaning as this is a modern name; Filled with love Boy Hindu
Damani No meaning as this is a modern name; Soothing Boy Christianity
Dayal Kind and merciful; A compassionate being Boy Hindu
Hertha Of the earth; Of the earth, a germanic goddess Girl Christianity
Damanjit Tame; Victory over suppression; Loyal; Skirt of the victor Boy Christianity
Daisie Day for an eye; Day's eye a flower name Girl Christianity
Hujaymah Attack; Means girl -
Hukayman (she was the daughter of umaymah daughter of ruqayqah ra a companion); Mahmood bin muhammad(reciter of quran) daughters girl -
Darshana To see; Sight; Watching; Seeing; Observation Girl Hindu
Healy From the slope land; Ingenious Boy Christianity
Hodgson Son of roger Boy Christianity
Huntly One from the meadow of the hunters; From the hunter's meadow Boy Christianity
Darshan Vision of progress; To see; A hindu god; Paying respect; A gods name; Religious text Boy Hindu
Hetav Gives love; Give love Boy Christianity
Hogan Irish gaelic - youthful one; Youth surname; A variant is hagan Boy -
Dakshi The glorious; Son of king daksha Boy Hindu
Dajshi The glorious one; Glorious Girl Hindu
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