Pushya Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Damyon Variant of damian: tame; A legendary son and ruler Boy Christianity
Hohu A surname; Become Girl -
Hemanand No meaning as this is a modern name; A hindi boy name with no specific meaning Boy Christianity
Helga Blessed; Holy; A variant of old norse name hella meaning flat stone; Flag stone or flat mountain; Pious Girl -
Hestia Goddess of the hearth, symbol; Old greek - hearth; Roman equivalent of vesta; Myth name (goddess of hearth and home) Girl -
Hebe Myth name (goddess of youthful beauty); Young Girl Christianity
Daruna One which is hard as wood; Hard as wood Boy Hindu
Dayaswarup A grace and merciful person; Merciful Boy Hindu
Danso One who is reliable; Ashanti of ghana name meaning "reliable." Boy Christianity
Dania God is all powerful; From denmark also a feminine variant of daniel god will judge Girl Christianity
Damaruki The sound produced by emotions; Sound of emotion Girl Hindu
Daan Wise and prudent; God is a judge Boy Christianity
Darioush A healthy king; Name of a king Boy -
Daksh Competent.; Name of a king; Rahma Boy Hindu
Husamudeen The sword of the faith; One sword of the faith Boy Christianity
Hedia Pleasant Girl Sikh
Dawood Name of a prophet; Has deep inner desires; Variant of daud: the biblical david is the english language equivalent a prophets name Boy -
Dayavira Heroically compassionate; A compassionate and merciful being Boy Hindu
Daveena Attractiveness; Loveliness; Beauty; Exquisiteness; Magnificence Boy -
Henlee From the high wood land; From the high meadow Girl Christianity
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