Quranic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Mawaddah Friendliness; Love; Affection; She is harmony, sympathy and love Girl -
Abdelouahid Takne from quranic origin that means servant of the one Boy Islam
Rayhan Favored by god; One who smells good, a fradrance Boy -
Maslama A feeling of safety and security Girl -
Falaah Quranic name meaning salvation; Variant of falah: success progress Boy -
Forouzandah A quranic name which means a radiant person; Shining Girl -
Rauf A person of great compassion for others, a merciful person; Compassionate merciful Boy -
Shalan One who is emanating light Boy -
Abdul muqaddim Indirect quranic name means slave of the expediter or promoter; Servant of the promoter Boy Islam
Hyat To be alive Unisex Christianity
Aabida This can be the female case of name aabid, it means worshiper, devotee, adorer Girl Islam
Sirah One who leads a traditional way of life Girl Islam
Abdul hakam This indirect quranic name means to asssist all high authority personality; Servant of the arbitrator Boy Islam
Abdul muhaymin Slave of the protector; Quranic name that means slave of the supervisor or protector Boy Islam
Rihanna Great queen; Sweet scent; Unclear; A woman who smells good Girl -
Abdul kabir Slave of the great; Quranic name means servant of the great one as al-kabir is one of the names of allah in islam Boy Islam
Abdul jabar Quranic name means servant of unbreaker that stands of servant of allah as it is one of the name of allah; Servant of the mighty Boy Islam
Mashhur A person that is well-know and famous; Famous Boy -
Sadan House; A sensible, prudent and reasonable person; Home Boy -
Rayyan The paradise's gate for those who fasted often in their lives; Gate of heaven Unisex -
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