Revati Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Chadwik From the warrior's town; They are warrior Boy Christianity
Charbangi Beautiful; A majestic and beautiful girl Girl Hindu
Chaitan Name of kautilya; Full of consciousness; The great scholar; Consciousness Boy Hindu
Charuchitra One with a beautiful form; Beautiful picture Boy -
Chaney Oak-hearted; An oak plant Boy Christianity
Chapalabikas Very bright and powerful; Lightening Boy Hindu
Chiranth Amar; Who cannot die Boy Hindu
Chaitya Pertaining to the mind; Perceivable; A buddhist or jain shrine including a stupa; Individual soul; A buddhist or jain temple Boy -
Chacha Strong; A strong man Boy Christianity
Charandayal Blessed by god grace; Feet of mercy Boy Hindu
Chandrapol Unique and rare gem; Gem Boy Hindu
Charak An ancient physician; An ancient medical doctor Boy Hindu
Chaithra Last month of hindu calander; First month of spring season Unisex Hindu
Chintan One thinking about comfort of others; Thoughtfulness; Meditation; A thought Girl Hindu
Chandanwant A cheerful and friendly individual; Full of sandals fragrance Boy Hindu
Chadwyk The one coming from brook; From the warrior's town Boy Christianity
Chandrakanth A moon which has magnetic power; Loved by the moon; One who is attractive and appealing like the moon Boy -
Charlotta A princess; Feminine of charles meaning manly Girl Christianity
Chantal A building stone; Singer Girl Christianity
Chapelle Living near a church; The one who lived by a church Boy Christianity
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