Revati Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Chanchu Clever; Renowned; Celebrated; Clever, renowned, known, celebrated; Hear Boy -
Chittaranjan Joy or happiness of inner mind; Joy of inner mind; One who pleases the mind Boy Hindu
Chidhatma The real god; Big soul Unisex Christianity
Chatriya It is the month of april chaitram; Chaitram; It is the month of april Boy -
Chanderjeet One who has won over the moon; Conquer of the moon; Conquerer of the moon Boy -
Chitraka Painter; The spotted one; Leopard Boy Hindu
Chainpreet Peaceful love; The one who is in love with the moon Unisex Sikh
Chanel Pipeline or a duct; Canal: channel. the popular perfume chanel Girl Christianity
Chilion Perfect; Finished; Complete; The perfect one Boy Christianity
Chidaakaash Absolute; Another name of lord brahma; Brahma Boy Hindu
Chaman A garden; A flowering garden Boy Hindu
Chimelu Made of god; God has created them Boy Christianity
Chandratej One who is agile like the moon; Radiance of the moon; Indratej Boy -
Chakresh Name of lord vishnu; A powerful emperor Boy Hindu
Chaturnik Four faced; One who is four faced; A name for varuna Boy -
Chalsie The seaport; Seaport; Landing place of chalk Girl Christianity
Chahna Love; A lovely and beautiful being Girl Hindu
Chacha Strong; A strong man Boy Christianity
Chandara Radiant; Shining; Of the moon; Bright; Beautiful and serene like the moon; Moon Boy -
Chadwick From the warrior's town variant of chad: protector; Defender; Battle; Chad's dairy farm Boy Christianity
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