Rohini Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Bazl Reward; Prize Boy Islam
Balarama The elder brother of lord krishna; Brother of krishna; Refers to lord balaram Boy -
Badriyyah Resembling the full moon; One who resembles the full moon Boy -
Basil Royal: kingly; Like a king Boy Christianity
Bryson A freckled man's son; Variant of bryce Boy Christianity
Vibha Another name of goddess lakshmi it means light or radiance; Night; Light Girl Jainism
Orwin Spear friend; The assistant who fights with a javelin Boy Judaism
Barbara Traveler from a foreign land in catholic custom st barbara is a protectress against fire and lightning; Stranger, visitor, alien, Girl Christianity
Octavious Eighth; One of the most dangerous creature Boy Judaism
Badar Full moon; A big full moon; Lovely and energetic Girl -
Osred Divine being; A red-haired warrior; Divine counselor Boy Judaism
Varden From the green hill; A green slope Boy Christianity
Bankei Ten thousand blessings Boy Buddhism
Baani Ods voice; Another name of goddess saraswati Girl -
Burkett From the little stronghold; One who is from the little stronghold Boy Christianity
Bainbrydge Lives near the bridge over the white water; One who lives bear white water Boy -
Vali Pet form of valeriu, meaning to be healthy and strong; Meaning unknown Boy Christianity
Bagath To adore; To serve; Entire universe; Devotee Boy -
Oamra The moon; Fascinating win or a fascinating winner; Daughter of the moon Girl -
Bahurai With great riches, possessions, assets, treasures; With great riches Boy -
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