Rohini Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Bartol Croatian form of bartholomew meaning son of talmai; Ploughman Boy Christianity
Banbihari Lord krishna; A name of lord krishna; Banbihari name of lord krishna is derived from banaj meaning lotus Boy -
Bushr Joy; Unripe dates; Aone who keeps the cattle; Happiness Boy Christianity
Banjeet One who conquers and succeeds; Victory of the forest Boy -
Balasingam One who has strength of a young lion; Young lion Boy -
Octavian Eighth; A person who is always on the right path or the one who is well-guided Boy Judaism
Baviyan One who love; One who is kind and generous and without any pride Boy -
Bara A variant of barbara; To choose; Latin - foreign woman Girl -
Vadish Lord of the body Boy Hindu
Oates Combination of words "mohan" and "meet" that combinely means the charming love or charming friend; Variant of odo: wealth Boy Judaism
Promod Glad; Delighted; Cheerful; Happy; Joyful Boy Hindu
Burgess Lives in town; English - town citizen Boy -
Baahi One who is glorious and magnificent; Glorious magnificent Boy -
Balamurali One of many names of lord krishna signifying his image as flute player; Young krishna holding flute Boy -
Opinder The one who is closer to god; Proximity to god Boy Judaism
Ozza A teacher; A baby fawn; A young female Girl -
Bipul Large; Huge; A lot; Extensive; Immense; Great Boy -
Bani Saraswati; Goddess saraswati Girl Hindu
Buhaysah Walking with pride; A narrator of hadith; A woman who narrates hadith Girl Islam
Binodini Handsome; Handsome, beautiful radha; Beautiful radha Girl Hindu
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