Romanian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Kronid Kronid is a form of the name kronos and means crow Boy Christianity,Greek
Liviu A man who envies others; Olive Boy Judaism
Simu Listening intently; One who listens intently Boy Christianity
Lenuta A mild natured woman; Mild Girl Christianity
Ghenadie Romanian form of gennadias, meaning noble, and generous Boy Christianity,Greek
Nadezhda General feeling that some desire will be fulfilled; Hope Girl Judaism
Silviana She is a girl of the forest Girl Christianity
Wodeleah One from the wooded meadow; From the wooded meadow Unisex Christianity
Simona A woman who listens; God is heard Girl Christianity
Minodora A variant of menodora, meaning gift Girl Christianity,Greek
Radu The happy one; Meaning unknown Boy -
Mihaita Pet form of mihai, meaning who is like god? Boy Christianity
Iulia Young or youthful; Young Girl Christianity
Oana A very fascinating light, a light full of charm; Meaning unknown Girl Judaism
Varujan Bird of prey Boy Christianity
Vali Pet form of valeriu, meaning to be healthy and strong; Meaning unknown Boy Christianity
Marku Romanian form of marcus, meaning defense or of the sea Boy Christianity
Rasvan Rasvan is a variant of razvan and means bringer of good news Boy Christianity
Iosua Iosua is a variant form of the english joshua yahweh is salvation Boy Judaism
Voctorita Romanian variant of victoria, meaning victory; Meaning unknown Girl Christianity
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