Romanian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Benedikto A variant of benedict, meaning blessed Boy Christianity
Afina In hebrew it means a young female deer; Meaning unknown; In romanian it means blueberry Girl -
Corneliu Romanian form of cornelius, meaning 'horn' Boy Christianity,Greek
Veaceslav Romanian form of vaclav, meaning more glory Boy Christianity
Vali Pet form of valeriu, meaning to be healthy and strong; Meaning unknown Boy Christianity
Silvia From the woods; Wooded, forest Unisex Christianity
Andrada Romanian version of andrea, meaning 'man' Girl Christianity
Agrapina A girl who is born feet first Girl Christianity
Vlad Prince; Old short form of slavic names beginning with the vladeti. it means rule Boy Christianity
Doru Meaning unknown; Clean; To wash; Clearing away; To flow; Purify Boy -
Timotei A person who honours the god Boy Christianity
Dumitru In a creative field; A silversmith Boy Christianity
Anghel Messenger; The romanian form of angel, meaning angel Boy Christianity
Nic People of victory; The master of all Boy Judaism
Serban No meaning as this is a modern name; Someone from serbia Boy Christianity
Gabriela God is my strength; Heroine of god Unisex Christianity
Decebal One who is strong and powerful Boy Christianity
Varujan Bird of prey Boy Christianity
Simion Romanian form of simeon, meaning to listen Boy Christianity,Greek
Augustin Exalted; Romanian form of augustinus; Revered Boy -
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