Russian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Yasha Substitute; Defends man.; Fame; Holder of heel; Supplanter; Hebrew - yahweh will protect Boy Judaism
Melor Marx engels lenin october revolution; The member of the communist party or a socialist who advocate communism Boy Judaism
Zigfrids Victory, peace, protection, safety Boy Christianity
Bohdanko God's gift Boy Christianity
Lyudmila A dear person who loves and feels deeply; Love of the people Girl Judaism
Natesha Celebration of date of birth; Lord of dance Girl Judaism
Mischka The god's beloved and closest angel Girl Judaism
Lidija She who is from an ancient kingdom of lydia; From lydia Girl Judaism
Tassie Abbreviation of natasha - the russian form of the english natalie 'born at christmas; A familiar form of tasmin Girl Christianity
Svyatopolk Celebrating people Boy Christianity
Asja A form of anastasia, meaning resurrection Girl Christianity
Hedeon Destroyer Boy Hindu
Seryozha Diminutive of the name sergei Boy -
Elizaveta Devoted to god; They are everywhere; A devoted individual Girl Christianity
Nastashia A variant of anastasia it means resurrection Girl Christianity
Orina Untouched or undefiled Girl Judaism
Pavla One who undrstand and is little being; Feminine form of pavlov (small) Girl Judaism
Rasputin A mystic Boy -
Pasha A bond; Pasha a title; Born on good friday.; To pass over; Born at easter.; Born on easter; A variant form of pascale; Latin - of easter Girl -
Lev United; Russian name for lion Boy Judaism
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