Russian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Larisa Cheerful one; A citadel, bastion or fortification Girl Judaism
Lyuba The one who loves Girl Judaism
Lidija She who is from an ancient kingdom of lydia; From lydia Girl Judaism
Kira Kira means far sighted; Sunshine or sun Girl Judaism
Revekka Variation of the name rebecca; Hebrew - cattle stall; To tie Girl Judaism
Lyubov Love alternate spellings: lyuba or luba; To love others Girl Judaism
Andrei A variant of name andre; Virility; Manly; Manlike; Old greek - male; Brave Boy Christianity,Greek
Avdotya One who is very difficult to resist and is relaxing Girl -
Timofei The honour of god Boy Christianity
Naum Russian and bulgarian accent of nahum (comforter); Comforter; Penitent Boy Judaism
Jurg A variant form of the english george; Earth worker; Old greek - farmer; Russian form of george 'farmer' Boy Christianity,Greek
Milena A pleasant person, a dear one; People's love Girl Judaism
Elizaveta Devoted to god; They are everywhere; A devoted individual Girl Christianity
Lubba A feeling of deep love Girl Judaism
Laika Laika means barker Girl Judaism
Levka Lion; Russian name for lioness Girl Judaism
Asja A form of anastasia, meaning resurrection Girl Christianity
Filip A horse lover (spanish); Russian form of philip 'loves horses' Boy Christianity
Tiarna A graceful princess Girl Christianity
Mishay The one who carries god's message; Variant of michelle. alternate spelling: misha; Mishaye smile Girl Judaism
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