Sanskrit Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Abhlesh One who is unique and immortal Boy Hindu
Pushpavathi Possessing flowers; Something that is flower decorated Girl -
Munjal King of gujarat Boy Hindu
Kevalin Kevalin means he who seeks the absolute; Seeker of the absolute Boy Judaism
Prithvi He is like the earth; Earth Boy -
Pratiksatra One who commands the respect of all the warriors; Respected by all warriors Boy -
Devance Part of lord krishna; Presence of god; Part of god, presence of god, or a part of lord krishna; Part of god Boy Hindu
Namdeva Name of a saint; The lord of vedas Boy Judaism
Ameyatma One of many names of lord vishnu; Manifests in infinite varieties; Lord vishnu; One who is bountiless Boy Hindu
Oneta Full of mercy or grace, favourable Girl Judaism
Romini Pretty Girl Hindu
Upanshu Chanting the hymns or mantras in a low tone; Chanting of hymns or; Mantras in low tone Boy Hindu
Kasinath Derived from sanskrit word kashi meaning shining; Lord siva; Lord of kashi; One of many names of lord shiva Boy Hindu
Zar No meaning as this is a modern name; Lace Girl Buddhism
Keshi A woman with long hairs, or a long haired woman; A woman with beautiful hair; A woman with beautiful hari Girl Judaism
Aishwariya Wealth; Prosperity, richness. a famous indian actress aishwarya rai bachchan Girl -
Asish Derived from the word aashirwaad; Blessing from the elderly; Blessing Boy Hindu
Ashritha One who gives refuge and shelter to others; Ruler; Dependant Boy Hindu
Jaye In english a type of a bird, jay bird, in sanskrit success; Swift Unisex Christianity
Narpati The mankind's king; King Boy Judaism
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