Sanskrit Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Gopesa Gopesa means the leader of men who protects or owns domestic animals; Leader of the herdsmen Boy Christianity
Gurmustak Gurus forehead; He beautiful one or the precious one that will be pious and generous Boy Christianity
Nagesha The emperor of the snakes; Lord of serpents Boy Judaism
Ashooja Eternally happy; Blessed with joy and delight for ever in life; Blessed Boy Hindu
Asmaka A stone or a thunderbolt Boy -
Ijaya Sacrifice Girl Hindu
Nagsri Queen of snakes; The dead of the snakes Boy Judaism
Pitavasas A person dressed in gold; Golden dressed Boy Judaism
Mokshit Who gain moksha; The one who is liberated or free; Salvation Boy Judaism
Udvita A river filled with lotus flowers; River of lotuses Girl Hindu
Aanal Fire; Aanal in hindi means fire Boy Hindu
Trinesha Flower opening on the third day; Flower opening on 3rd day Girl Hindu
Vedica One who has knowledge of the vedas Girl Hindu
Santati Goddess durga; A name of goddess durga it means granter of wishes; Granter of issues Girl Hindu
Arhya Offer to god; Praiseworthy; One who is qualified; Bug; Deserving Boy Hindu
Acyutananda Insatiable bliss; One who never falls Boy Hindu
Adhiksita Ruler; Lord; One who is the head or chief of all Boy -
Jagacitra Wonder of the universe; In sanskrit it literally means universe taken as a picture Girl -
Taalika Key; A list; Nightingale; Calm; Calm or nightingale; Palm Girl Hindu
Abtar In sanskrit it meant the incarnation of a deity. in arabic it means someone who is without progeny Boy Hindu,Islam
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