Satabishaka Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Saeed Fortunate; Priestly; Happy; A variant spelling is sayid; Rivulet; Felicity; Happy. Boy Zoroastrianism
Schmuel God has heard; Asked of god Boy Judaism
Sherwin Quick as the wind; Swift runner, one who cuts the wind Boy -
Shvetank Having a white mark Boy -
Sajitvan Victorious superior; A victorious superior person Boy -
Sayfullah Allah's sword; The sword of allah swt Boy -
Sankha Count; A konch shell Boy -
Surup Lord shiva Boy Hindu
Silka Blind; A dim-sighted woman. short of cecilia Girl Christianity
Sine Praise; One who has felt the god's graciousness Girl Christianity
Som The moon; Moon, religious drink Boy Hindu
Samrath A powerful and allmighty ruler; All powerful Boy -
Sulafah Choicest; A choicest wine Girl Islam
Sarwat A wealthy one; Fortune; Wealth Unisex -
Saadia To recieve help from god; Blessed; Lucky; Singer Boy -
Sumedha She is a very smart and wise woman; Intelligent; Wise Girl Hindu
Sakki The god remembers all; God remembers Boy -
Govraja Dust that ensures from the feet of moving cows; Govraja have well public relations due to their pleasant diplomatic way; Sunset Boy Christianity
Salamah Integrity; Person of inegrity and soundness; Soundness Boy -
Seven The number 7 f or; Name meaning nuber seven Unisex -
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