Scandinavian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Elof One who is always and everlasting; Only descendent; Heir; Sole heir Boy Christianity
Erilyn A combination of two words eric and lynn Girl Christianity
Dierk Variant of diederik: ruler; A ruler of the people Boy Christianity
Johansen A scandinavian version of johanson, meaning 'son of johan' Boy Judaism
Susannah She is just like the lily flower; Graceful lily in the apocryphal book of tobit susannah courageously defended herself against wrongful accusation white lilies grew in the biblical city of susa in persia Girl Christianity
Larsen One who achived a great victory; Form of lawrence Boy Judaism
Dyre A dear or precious one; A valuable and dear one Boy Christianity
Beorhthelm A protector of light Boy Christianity
Jakobina May the lord watch over her Girl Christianity
Sigrun To achieve secret victories; A secret victory Girl Christianity
Danby Variant of denby: village in denmark; Settlement Boy Christianity
Quenby Scandinavian name meaning womanly; Womanly Girl -
Kristjana Christian; Icelandic form of kristina, meaning follower of christ Girl Christianity
Bjarni A diminutive form of name bjarni, meaning 'bear' Boy Christianity
Kristinn Shw who believes in christ Girl Judaism
Thoralf A thunder Boy -
Tassilo A fearless protector Boy Christianity
Erwinek Variant of erwin: boar-friend; Friend at sea Boy Christianity
Bertel Variant of bertil: bright; Bright; Skillful Boy Christianity
Crysten Follows christ Girl Christianity
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