Scandinavian Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Osburne Divine bear; The period of heartiest prosperity or productivity Boy Judaism
Beaudean A shelter, protection, cover; Variant of boden 'a shelter' Boy Christianity
Hanson Hanssen; And hansson)"; "son of hans (also hansen; Son of hans Boy Christianity
Quirinus Swedish name meaning spear Boy -
Jakoby One who will supplant Boy Christianity
Karalie Karalie name means genuine; Abbreviation of katherine 'pure'; Abbreviation of katherine pure Girl Christianity
Tonje One who cant be labelled with a price Girl Christianity
Somerild One who is a traveler in the summer Girl Christianity
Cajetan A rejoiced man; Rejoiced Boy Christianity
Havard High guardian; Guardian of the home Boy Shinto
Karianna Karianna means viginal, chaste, pure; Abbreviation of katherine pure Girl Christianity
Sigurd A victorious protectror; Victorious defender Boy Christianity
Axell Variant of axel: father of peace; Variant of name axel; Greek - defender of men; Hebrew - god the father is peace Boy -
Rheta A variant of reta and a spelling variant is rhetta; Scandinavian - advice; Speaker Girl Christianity
Anneke Meaning favor; Variant of hebrew hannah; A beautiful prayer; Variation of hannah; Grace Girl -
Bríet Beautiful; Icelandic form of bridget, meaning the exalted one Girl Christianity
Swaine A boyish person, young in spirit Boy Christianity
Erynn No meaning as this is a modern name; A word which is used in poetry for referring to ireland Girl Christianity
Taina From the house of tatius; Abbreviation of tatiana which is feminine of the roman family clan name tatius Girl Christianity
Josef German form of joseph; God will rise; God will multiply; A variant of joseph; Hebrew - yahweh will add Boy Judaism
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