Scottish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Macaulay The son of olaf, son of the battle chief; Son of olaf Boy Judaism
Dougal A black colored stranger; Dweller by the dark stream; They are nurturing Boy Christianity
Sima Listener; A treasure Girl -
Kendric Kendric means brave and fearless chief; Royal chieftain surname Boy Hindu
Addison Son of adam; The son of adam, from the red earth Boy -
Mackynzie The son who has a handsome father Boy Judaism
Kelti Kelti means clans of the keltie, callander Boy Christianity
Matheson Bear's son; A bear's son Boy Judaism
Calan Contemporary variant of cailean child; A child that is contemporary Boy Christianity
Dickenson A beloved individual; Patronymic name Boy Christianity
Hume From the cave; Come from den Boy Islam
Mackie Son of coinneach, name of a scottish clan Boy Judaism
Sutherland The southern land; From sutherland Boy Christianity
Gibb Son of gilbert; Gibb is more commonly used as a surname as a first name its more used variation is gib, which means servant of stbridges it is a male name Boy Christianity
Cunningham From cunningham; Leader; Village with milk Boy Christianity
Robena Robin; A shinning, glowing fame Girl -
Kellina Caring and loving good charm; Strong willed; Kellina means strong-willed Girl Christianity
Mata Gift of yahweh; Mother; A variant of matthew; Gift of the lord; Gift of god Boy Judaism
Davina A divine person; Beloved feminine of david; Adopted from hebrew Girl Christianity
Gruaidh It means the red king, from words ruadh (red-coloured hair or complexion) and ie - king. it is mostly used in ireland and scottish. it has many forms, such as ruairi, ruairidh and the most common rory. this was the name of the last high king Boy -
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