Scottish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Jaine A little girl who was a gift of god; Gift from god Girl Judaism
Pefen Glitter; It has individuality and confidence Boy Judaism
Ailsa Devoted to god; Consecrated to god Girl -
Mcleod Son of an ugly man Boy -
Gilroy Gilroy is a name of scottish and latin origin it is a male name and means serves the king; Serves the red haired lord Boy Christianity
Kenit One of many names of lord shiva who is believed to have born from fire; A scottish favorite in the late 19th century; A handsome man; Born of fire Boy Hindu
Caillen Virile; A potent and powerful person Girl Christianity
Aonghus Unnaturally strong; A variant of name is angus; Celtic - one choice Boy Christianity
Jaymiee One with a beautiful face Girl Christianity
Ainsley From ann's meadow; My own meadow Girl -
Leann Derived from an irish gaelic of helen: (light:beautiful woman): variant of liana: (youthful:bond); Servant of jonh Girl Judaism
Leslee Derived from name of a prominent scottish clan leslie; A holly tree found in the gardens Girl Judaism
Dickenson A beloved individual; Patronymic name Boy Christianity
Afton A name of a small scottish river; Named for an old english town first a name for boys variant affton exists Unisex -
Camron Variant of cameron bent nose; One who has a crooked nose Boy Christianity
Donaldina Meaning world mighty famous bearer: walt disney's cartoon character donald duck; A great leader; Feminine form of donald: from the gaelic domhnall; World ruler Girl Christianity
Jaimie I love; A man sho is a stand-in Boy Christianity
Arable An angel who is the messenger of almighty god Girl -
Johnston God is graciousson of jack he who supplants diminutive of jack -; From john's farm Boy Hindu
Gilleabart Gileabart is scottish male name the meaning of the name is pladge; Pledge Boy Christianity
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