Shinto Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Halbert Shining jewel, dazzling hero; Brilliant hero Boy Shinto
Tamiko A child of great beauty; Child of the people Girl Shinto
Takako Child of taka; Child who is an aristocrat Girl Buddhism,Shinto
Ginjiro Ginjiro is a japanese name and means good silver Boy Shinto
Taura An astrological name: feminine of taurus the bull; Many lakes or rivers Girl Shinto
Josephin Josephin means may god give Girl Shinto
Takaya One who has much respect for someone Boy Buddhism,Shinto
Suzuki Bell tree; A common surname in japan, means bell of wood Unisex Shinto
Chouko Butterfly; An insect that feeds on nectar of flowers Girl Shinto
Taku N/a; Young, living just for a little time yet Boy Buddhism,Shinto
Hagrama Dense forest, thick woodland area, opaque jungle; Dense forest Boy Shinto
Kalvik Sparrow; Kalvic means sparrow Boy Shinto
Hashan Beautiful; Laughter; Grandson of prophet mohammed; Handsome; Laughter, lord chandra (moon); Chandra (moon) Boy Shinto
Kale Kale means affectionate, calm; Strong and manly Boy Shinto
Tamashini A soul. one who is very soulful; A dark night Unisex Shinto
Jabal The one who glides away; Which glides away Boy Shinto
Teijo A righteous boy; Righteous; Well governed Boy Shinto
Tadashi Right one; A servant that is loyal and faithful; Right correct accurate Boy Buddhism,Shinto
Taka Tall; Honorable; Tall, honorable peregrine Girl Buddhism,Shinto
Tetsuya An intelligent philosopher Boy Shinto
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