Shinto Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Jabal The one who glides away; Which glides away Boy Shinto
Hashan Beautiful; Laughter; Grandson of prophet mohammed; Handsome; Laughter, lord chandra (moon); Chandra (moon) Boy Shinto
Hildeth She who gives good battle counsel Girl Shinto
Gringamore Gringamore is a mesculine version of feminine name , which means a person who is not american or we can say a person from latin who is settled in america Boy Shinto
Taura An astrological name: feminine of taurus the bull; Many lakes or rivers Girl Shinto
Josephin Josephin means may god give Girl Shinto
Takahiro Abundantly respectful and loving Boy Buddhism,Shinto
Kalvik Sparrow; Kalvic means sparrow Boy Shinto
Tatsuo A female dragon Girl Shinto
Suzuki Bell tree; A common surname in japan, means bell of wood Unisex Shinto
Haleena Like one; Of the light Girl Shinto
Ginjiro Ginjiro is a japanese name and means good silver Boy Shinto
Sumire A lovely violet Girl Shinto
Japesa Lord of reciters; Lord of those who recite Boy Shinto
Souta A sudden sound of the wind Boy Shinto
Havard High guardian; Guardian of the home Boy Shinto
Taku N/a; Young, living just for a little time yet Boy Buddhism,Shinto
Giichi Giichi is a male japanese name the name means one rule, the righteous one Boy Shinto
Halbert Shining jewel, dazzling hero; Brilliant hero Boy Shinto
Gin Silvery; The meaning of th name gin is silver Boy Shinto
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