Shravana Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Justine Just: upright feminine of justin; Justine is a female name meaning righteous Girl Christianity
Jeni The one who is good, kind and nice; Variation of jenny which is a diminutive of jane and jennifer Girl Christianity
Jorden Variant of hebrew jordan down flowing; The praise of god or confessing something. people with this name are unique and discreet. they can keep your secret for a long time. profession :dancer, actor or singer Boy Shinto
Jumah Jumah name means born on friday; Born on friday Boy -
Josie Name josie manes god will add; Diminutive form of josephine Girl Christianity
Julyan Youth; The meaning of the name down-bearded youth; Descended from jupiter (jove) Boy Christianity
Joshil The meaning of joshil is powerful; Powerful Boy Hindu
Joodi They learn lessons from their life and are simple going persons they are open and joyful spirit; Name of a mountain mentioned in the quran Unisex Christianity
Jennyann Variation of jenny (god is graceful); Variation of jenny which is a diminutive of jane and jennifer Girl Christianity
Joban Youth; Joban is an indian male name and means youth it is represented in hindu religion Boy Christianity
Jefferey A form of jeffrey; Gods peace Boy Islam
Joe God will increase, nickname for joseph, the ultimate good guy; Abbreviation of joseph Boy Christianity
Juliana It means downy bearded person or young they are blessed with a lot of blessings and are organized type of persons they are unique, inspire and abundant; Form of julia; Youthful; Name of a poem; Meaning 'one who is youthful'; Soft-haired; Youthful the Girl Hindu
Jeevani Refers to the condition of living; Life Girl Christianity
Jenina Grace of god; Diminutive form of jane or jeanne Girl Sikh
Juris A variant form of the english george; Earth worker; Old greek - farmer Boy Christianity,Greek
Johnie The most enduring, god is kind , patient and gracious; God is gracious Boy Sikh
Khushmeet Happy friend; The name means a friend that brings happiness Boy Judaism
Jeran Modern variant of israeli jaron cry of rejoicing; One who sings happily with a loud voice Boy Christianity
Khuda Khuda name means god; God / lord Boy -
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