Sikh Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Gagan Sky; Heaven; Heavens above Girl -
Fatehdharam Righteous victory; A victory of righteousness Boy Sikh
Loksewak Absorbed in serving others; The one who is absorbed in serving others Boy Judaism
Deenprem Brilliant; One who loves the helpless; Love for the helpless Boy Hindu
Kajjali Kajjali means black eye liner; Kohl; Eye-liner Girl Sikh
Bindusara Excellent pearl; Truthful Boy Sikh
Khemroop Embodiment of happiness and peace; The name means embodiment of peacefulness Boy Judaism
Paawanjeet Sacred or divine victory; Victory of the pure; Victory of innocence Boy Hindu
Jaipal Lord brahma; He who protects the vicors Boy Christianity
Preetamjeet Victory of the beloved; Treasured success; Triumph of the much loved one Boy Hindu
Satinderpal Protected by the true god of heaven; Protected by the true king Boy -
Deepleen One who is immersed in holy light; Absorbed in the lamp Boy Hindu
Kal The name kal means the strong one; Strong Boy Sikh
Naambir Brave who remembers the lord; The bold one who think of the lord Boy Judaism
Namritapreet Love for humbleness; The modest infatuation Girl Judaism
Kheeva Delightful person; Kheeva means delightful one; Very happy Boy Judaism
Mohanwant Sturdy and durable grinding factory; Very attractive Boy Judaism
Brahmjog Uniting with god; Union with the lord; Uniting with the supreme one Boy Sikh
Gurlal Gurus darling; Beloved of guru; Gurlal collaborated with two words guru and lal guru means master or lord and lal means beloved so gurlal means person who is beloved of lord Boy Christianity
Paramratan Absolute gem; Most precious gem; Highest gem Boy Hindu
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