Sikh Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Bawa Father, grandfather; Grandfather; Father Boy -
Kamaljot Like the lotus is unsoiled; Brilliant, radiant and bright light of lotus; Light of lotus; One who Boy Hindu
Nirbhao One who is fearless; The one who is bold, unafraid and courageous Boy Judaism
Jasmohinder Glory of the lord Boy Christianity
Mehartek Taking support of gods grace; One who has god's support Boy Judaism
Prabhsukh Attaining peace by remembering god; One who attains tranquility by meditation on god Boy Hindu
Mehar One who is kind and graceful; Grace; Kindness Girl Judaism
Anooplok Resident of the beauteous realm; Resident of the beauteous realm, unique beauty Boy Hindu
Abh At the present or currently; Now Girl Hindu
Nihchal The person who is steady and balanced; Firm; Immovable Boy Judaism
Narvinder The king of all the humans; Brave lord Boy Judaism
Juliann It means young and youthful they have a spark and ignite the light in every event and occasion they are lively and filled with energy Girl Sikh
Prabhgeet Songs of god; One who praises god through his songs; Hymns of lord Boy Hindu
Avtarpreet Love and compassion of god; Love of god Boy -
Chainpreet Peaceful love; The one who is in love with the moon Unisex Sikh
Livjeevan A person whose life is consumed in god; A life absorbed in god Boy Judaism
Kirpal Compassionate; Generous; Kind; Benevolent Boy Hindu
Budhpreet Love of wisdom; One who loves or infatuate wisdom Boy Sikh
Teknam One who takes support of the lords name; One who takes support of the lord's name Boy Hindu
Hurste Lives in the forest; He who lives in the forest Boy Sikh
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