Simha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Margred A variation of the name margaret; Old greek - pearl; Pearl Girl Greek
Marti A soldier of mars; Warrior of mars Boy Judaism
Mercia Mercy; From mercia: compassion: forbearance; Kindness; Benevolence; A variant of mercy; Compassion Girl -
Maverick When a nineteenth-century american named maverick refused to brand his calves as other ranchers did: his name came to signify an independent man who avoids conformity; An indenpendent person who is a nonconformist Boy Judaism
Masel A clergyman; Manse of clergyman Boy Judaism
Mallow English - the mallow flower; By the river allo; Celtic - from mallow; Ireland Girl -
Mitsu Reflect."; A shiny reflection, a reflection of a shine; Surname meaning "shine Girl Judaism
Meesum No meaning as this is a modern name; One who is cute and attractive Boy -
Majdy Glorious; He who is praiseworthy; A glorious man Boy -
Morlee From the meadow on the moor; From the meadows of the grass land Boy Judaism
Muntasir Victorious; Victorious triumphant Boy Islam
Maeret A form of margaret; Little famous one; Pearl Boy Christianity,Greek
Manuraj Kuber; Lord of wealth; Lord of richness; Lord of prosperity Boy Hindu
Marcin A servant of mars, god of war; Form of martin Boy Judaism
Mahaniya Worthy of honour; A person who is worthy of honor, respect and priase Boy Judaism
Marlene From the tower; As mary; Hebrew - wished for child; A variant form of marilyn; Sea of bitterness; To swell Girl Judaism
Margot A variation of the name margaret; Old greek - pearl; Pearl Girl Greek
Mashel Shinig light on something; Light Girl -
Minuyara No meaning as this is a modern name; A fish from the deep water Girl Judaism
Meggy One who is the child of the light; Diminutive of margaret: pearl Girl Judaism
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