Simha Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Mickey Abbreviation of michael and micah who is like god?; The valuable talent from god Boy Judaism
Mawaddah Friendliness; Love; Affection; She is harmony, sympathy and love Girl -
Marquez A title name that is below duke and above earl; A title name ranking below duke and above earl Boy Judaism
Manpreet One who is pretty on the eyes; Pretty; Eye catching Unisex Judaism
Mareen A variant transcription of marina; Variant of marie and mary; Of the sea; Latin - of the sea Girl -
Meesum No meaning as this is a modern name; One who is cute and attractive Boy -
Marcy A variation of name marcus, a god of war; Martial Girl Judaism
Melleta Sweet as honey; Sweet as nectar, honeyed as sugary Girl Judaism
Meinhard Germanic - hardy strength; Firm; Powerful strength; A variation of maynard Boy -
Mohanpal The ruler of the city, the sovereign of the kingdom; Protector of the charming Boy Judaism
Maatang Cloud; Elephant; Roaming; A coud roamnig the skies Boy Judaism
Mashhood Witnessed; Clear; A person who has witnessed something, who was present; Manifest Boy -
Meganathan One who is a king of the clouds; King of the clouds Boy Judaism
Maqbool Variant of maqbul: accepted popular; An accepted, aknowedged and beloved individual Boy -
Mahijuba A hostess; A great hostess Girl Judaism
Mercilla Compassion: forbearance; Good natured, tolerance of delay or incompetence Girl Judaism
Maharishi A great saint; A great saint, one who is divine Boy Judaism
Mingan A grey wolf, a person who is intelligent and furious as wolf; Gray wolf Girl Judaism
Marjana Precious stone; A quranic name referring to a coral Girl -
Merise The person who is always in the sea; Of the sea Girl Judaism
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