Slavic Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Emika In slavik this name means charming Girl Christianity
Shathar A man who workis in the mines Boy -
Tasya She who will be reborn, short from anastasia; Resurrection Girl Christianity
Kalina The name kalina means like a flower in slavic, in aboriginal orgins the name means to love; Flower Girl Christianity
Jara Anc. slavic for spring; A seagull Girl -
Mira Abundance.; Bitter; Marvelous; Lord krishnas devotee; From the name miranda; Diminutive of miranda or mirabel: worthy of admiration; Admirable; Behold; A mythical princess; Wonderful; Variant of myra and miranda; Cloud; In latin it means a wonderful Girl Judaism
Malyna A woman sweet as a raspberry Girl Judaism
Kamilia Sweet flower; Kamilia means attending the ceremony or sweet flower Girl Hindu
Yarmilla Merchant Girl Christianity
Jurji One who is a handy person Boy Christianity
Lizina She is blessed to serve the god; Consecrated to god Girl Judaism
Misha Nickname for michael: gift from god; Variant of michael; Russian form of michael god like; Who is like god?; The message bearer from the god; Derives from michael; Smile; From the name michael Unisex Judaism
Endellion Fire or soul Girl Christianity
Tanja A fairy princess Girl Christianity
Sable The black one; Black Girl -
Dalibor To fight; Fighting far away Boy -
Rostislav One whose glory grows; Meaning unknown Boy -
Evka The mother of life Girl Christianity
Rainar Germanic - mighty, counsel; Advice; Slavic - happy; A variant of name raina Boy -
Anto War child; Latin - priceless, inestimable; A variant of name is anthony Boy Christianity
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