Spanish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Quinto Fifth child; Spanish name meaning fifth Boy -
Gertrudes A mighty person with spear; Spanish form of gertrude spear Boy Christianity
Duarte Prosperous guardian variant of edward; Protector of the land; One who watches land Boy Christianity
Jove They are wise, resever, intelligent and always looking for the opportunities to show thei abilities; Another name for jupiter Boy Christianity
Federico A ruler who rules in peace; Spanish form of frederick peaceful ruler Boy Christianity
Caege A male name of spanish origin Boy Christianity
Marisa Rebellion; Bitter; Variant of maria; Of the sea; Variant of mary: wished-for child; Mother of daksa; A child that was wished for Girl Judaism
Aelger A bright or merry person Girl -
Luis Famous fighter; A fame searching warrior Boy Judaism
Moises A kind woman, compassionate female; Spanish form of moses from the water Boy Judaism
Pervinca Name of a plant called periwinkle; Name of a character in italian book fairy oak Girl Christianity
Rafe Short from rafael, means god has healed; Shield wolf Boy -
Esteban Crowned in victory variant of stephen; Crowned in victory Boy Christianity
Lolitta Feminine form of carlos manly; Spanish name meaning manly Girl Judaism
Beltran Bright raven Boy Christianity
Teresita Variant of theresa which is a popular saint's name of uncertain meaning; A popular saint's name Girl Christianity
Esma Emerald Girl Christianity
Martini A pettite woman who is a soldier of mars Girl Judaism
Tierra Earth Unisex Christianity
Tristessa Sad woman; A hope or the hope to free from sadness Girl Christianity
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