Spanish Names

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Name Meaning Gender Religion
Danilo God has been a judge; Variant of daniel god is my judge Boy Christianity
Platon Broad shouldered; A broad-shouldered person Boy Judaism
Alyce Of the nobility; A variant of alice; Germanic - of the noble kind; Honorable; Noble; Hebrew - ornament Girl -
Manuella Spanish name meaning god is with us Girl Judaism
Calvina A bald woman; Feminine form of calvino bald Girl Christianity
Julieta From julian jove's child; They have the most precious smile and set their ideals real high they have a hidden talent and bring joy wherever they go; Variant of julia Girl Christianity
Fausta Lucky; A lucky one Girl Christianity
Martez Mostly used as a surname, means "from the god mars"; From the god mars Boy Judaism
Aristides Greek - the best kind; The best Boy Christianity,Greek
Laura Crowned with laurel; Laurel tree or sweet bay tree (symbols of honour and victory). the sonnets of 14th-century italian poet pe; Crowned with laurels; Person crowned with laurels; Laurel-crowned; Hungarian form of the latin name laurus; Meaning 'laur Girl Judaism
Cristofer With christ inside; Literally means 'with christ inside" Boy Christianity
Celerina The quick one; Quick Girl Christianity
Nieva The one who is spotless and unpolluted Girl Judaism
Elvera This name means white or truth; Truth Girl Christianity
Carmen Guard; A woman who is like a fruitful garden Girl Christianity
Garcia Resembles as one of the animals, bear; Brave in battle Girl Christianity
Cuca A gambling woman Girl Christianity
Emelda Emerald-like; This name literally means an entire battle Girl Christianity
Merald Derived from emerald, a precious green colored gemstone Boy Judaism
Raimundo A smart guide; Wise defender Boy -
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